East Point Dental Clinic

Dr. Robert Chris Goldtrap

His answer, “EVERYTHING!” “Finding the money within my existing practice to make the new office possible; finding a location; the building design and layout; interior design; equipment choices; practice-management support; financing; two doctors and two aestheticians; AND Heath Roberts!”

Heath Roberts, Field Sales Consultant, had assisted Dr. Goldtrap on his first office. The Doctor spoke with Heath when considering the new office. “I…knew he could bring it all together for me—the numbers, the business plan… he even found me a piece of land. He did everything—he made it easy to say ‘yes’—and, continued to move the project forward when I was out of state. I came back to a brand new place!” adds Dr. Goldtrap.

“The Doctor was looking to grow his business,” comments Heath Roberts. “I asked him what his vision was and, having worked with him on a prior project, built off of his perspective on what he hoped to achieve with the new office. I knew it was going to be a big project. Dr. Goldtrap and I talked through any potential difficulties that might arise—and I offered advice and solutions to keep the job moving smoothly.”

Dr. Goldtrap outgrew his first practice, which is located in Paris, Arkansas. His new office, the East Point Dental Clinic, is about forty miles away in Fort Smith and, it is extraordinary in many ways. The expansive 5,332-sq. ft. floor plan houses space for 20 operatories and accommodates a staff of 3 dentists, 3 hygienists, and 9 assistants—plus 2 aestheticians who provide patients with spa treatments and laser hair removal. The high-end facility’s IV-sedation surgeries allow implant procedures to be performed at the clinic, providing yet another specialized service for patients. The clinic’s equipment also includes the I-CAT, a cone-beam imaging system that produces three-dimensional views of all oral and maxillofacial structures. This enhanced system aids in diagnostic and surgical procedures, saving time while using considerably less radiation than other systems.

The reception area’s dramatic traditional ceiling style, rich dark woodwork, and cherry wood floors have instant impact. The cherry wood flooring style has been carried through to many of the treatment rooms as well, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication. You’ll find Midmark’s sleek, ultramodern cabinetry and equipment used in all operatories. The mood is definitely upbeat at East Point Dental Clinic. Its state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable and efficient setup, and prime location make it a candidate for success. Dr. Goldtrap and his staff now work in an environment that supports its practice goals, and has enhanced capabilities for staying competitive and profitable in today’s marketplace.

Sullivan-Schein is committed to providing its customers with a full suite of resources from equipment to practice-management solutions, helping them to run their businesses in a manner that maximizes their potential. Team Members Heath Roberts; Melissa Zimmerman, Regional General Manager; and Michael Hall, Dental Sales Representative for Midmark contributed their talents and energy to this project

“Get Heath to do it…sit back and let him do his job,” comments Doctor Goldtrap. “Most doctors don’t realize that all the elements in a project such as this can be handled successfully by a supplier,” he indicates. Heath’s reflection on the project gets to the heart of the issue, “I hope that the successful completion of the office will give the Doctor and his staff a newfound excitement for dentistry and ample opportunity to realize even greater levels of professional success.”

Left to right: Heath Roberts, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Richard Goldtrap; Melissa Zimmerman, Regional General Manager; Jason McKinley, Equipment Service Technician