Dr. David Wilhelm - Newport Beach, CA

The utmost care used in replicating classical European design elements can be seen the moment you enter the facility. Decorative wainscoting, stylized crown moldings, and ambient lighting set the backdrop for the office’s sophisticated yet intimate mood. Mahogany-stained solid walnut floors create depth and warmth, continuing into the office’s seven operatories.

Richly colored area carpets run the length of hallways and anchor the seating area in the reception lounge where custom, silk-upholstered chairs cluster around a beautifully carved dark-wood fireplace. Overhead, a sparkling crystal chandelier suspends from a recessed tray ceiling, creating additional drama. Above the fireplace’s mantel, a 52-inch, LCD highdefinition television is concealed behind a VisionArt® system that shows a fine art print or a photographic image when the television is not in use. Patients can also enjoy a variety of reading materials available on the built-in bookshelves surrounding the fireplace. A water fountain sings softly in the background and there are plenty of edible amenities to help patients pass the time when awaiting treatment. Accessories with the charm of a French salon reoccur throughout the office, reflecting its inviting continental theme.

The amazing decor was the result of very specific research to properly hone the design and specifications that would be required to successfully begin the project. “I knew that my old facility would not support the kind of practice that I wanted to build [with additions such as] a steri-center, panoramic X-ray, an in-house dental laboratory space, and a larger reception lounge,” notes Dr. Wilhelm. “[We] used Henry Schein’s office design center to incorporate the ideas I wanted…and took photos of their best-designed dental offices in Southern California. My wife and I also traveled to Europe-and visited almost every five-star hotel from San Francisco to San Diego to photograph features that were the most client pleasing.”

“The energy and morale of the staff has increased dramatically…and the patient case acceptance has soared.”

“This was extremely educational and informative…and made my decisions much easier,” adds Dr. Wilhelm. “Mike Dukes and Rich Kofron also personally spent time with me by taking me to [some] dental conventions, familiarizing me with products that were currently on the market.”

The project presented the opportunity to incorporate the latest and best in dental technology into an environment with a truly exceptional capacity for patient comfort. Quality dentistry is enhanced through extensive use of lasers, sterilized water in all operatories, massaging dental chairs, digital X-rays, and DENTRIX practice-management and dental-imaging software. The new facility has greatly reduced stress and created happier, more productive employees. “The new equipment makes work easier and faster, and has definitely improved the quality of life for me and my employees,” remarks Dr. Wilhelm. “My patient flow has doubled and referrals are at an all-time high.”

“The key benefit was how the equipment could improve efficiency…and help the Doctor achieve the high degree of creativity that he was seeking,” notes Mike Dukes, Equipment Sales Specialist. “The energy and morale of the staff has increased dramatically…and the patient case acceptance has soared. Dr. Wilhelm wanted to fulfill his vision of extremely high-quality dentistry with a high return on investment…and an eye toward doubling production.”

“The new equipment makes work easier and faster, and has definitely improved the quality of life for me and my employees,” remarks Dr. Wilhelm.

Henry Schein’s perspective is one of partnership with its customers. By supporting their goals and delivering the products and services that will keep them competitive and profitable in the industry, our specialists help to ensure that customers’ businesses cost-effectively achieve the level of success
they envision. “Basically, Henry Schein assisted me with everything-from design and equipment and supply purchasing to interacting with the contractor to make sure that the office was completed per the design specifications. Without their help, the office would not be as successful as it is,” comments Dr. Wilhelm. “[Also], Mr. Jeff Perkins from Henry Schein Financial Services (HSFS) was extremely valuable in expediting the financing for the project. Without his help and professionalism the project would have been much more difficult. I would highly recommend HSFS to other dentists.” Dr.Wilhelm’s office reflects his healthcare philosophy and his commitment to his profession. The spacious and well designed new facility acts as a canvas where he and his staff create beautiful smiles and better health for their patients.

“[It is] exciting to be in a state-of-the-art facility that energizes me, the staff, and the patients,” notes the Doctor. “Being able to practice dentistry at the level that the new technology allows benefits everyone involved. I was fortunate to have Henry Schein Dental specialists available to me. Because of the uniqueness and comfort of the office, the future will bring increased productivity and greater efficiency.”