Dr. Alan Krause - Monteville, NJ

“In 1991, we started using a DOS-based practice management system,” said Dr. Krause. “But as I saw the inevitable need for Windows I began looking around for a better solution-one that would make the most of the advantages of the Windows environment. The philosophy in our office is to run a highly efficient staff with as little redundancy as possible. Working in DOS and with that particular system was in opposition to that philosophy.”

Dr, Krause had had enough, and by 1995 was actively looking for a Windows-based practice management system that would offer the flexibility and efficiency his practice demanded. He felt that the ability to network within Windows, with access to patient records and management functions directly from the operatory, would be the motivators to make a switch.

“Our DOS-based system finally came out with a Windows solution and they convinced us to give it a try,” he said. “But it was horrendous. It was full of bugs and the company wouldn’t take ownership of the problem-blaming it on everything from my hardware to my staff, but never on the software. Eventually they claimed to have fixed the bug but it resulted in a very slow running database. Basically, the system was unusable and the company had exhausted all of their second-chances.”

Dr. Krause began asking colleagues and reps for their recommendations. “One rep recommended we look at DENTRIX,” he said. “He wasn’t even a DENTRIX rep so I decided there must be something to it and arranged a demonstration of the system in my office. It quickly became apparent that DENTRIX was exactly what we wanted. It gave us multitasking, Windows networking (we were Windows 98 and have now switched to XP) and I really liked the patient chart. So in January 1997, we switched to DENTRIX and haven’t looked back.”

DENTRIX is the first practice and clinical management system designed from the ground up to run in the Windows platform. In fact, DENTRIX was one of the first products in any industry to be available in Windows-years ahead of any other practice management system. DENTRIX has more satisfied users-more than 18,000 practices-on a single, proven system than any other solution. And DENTRIX consistently out-performs other systems in head-to-head evaluations, as Dr. Krause found out for himself.

“The real advantage of DENTRIX is the integration of all the different modules,” said Dr. Krause. “It’s all connected and shares the same database so if I schedule something from the operatory it immediately shows up in the patient record throughout the entire practice. I couldn’t choose a single feature as my favorite because they all work so closely together, but Patient Chart and Treatment Plan are pretty impressive.”

The DENTRIX Patient Chart and Treatment Plan modules feature an intuitive, makes-sense workflow that results in professional, legal charts that give patients a clear picture of current conditions and recommended treatments.

“Patients are impressed with the charts I print out for them and always want to get the recommended work done,” said Krause. “I’ve found that patients want a modern and up-to-date dentist and with DENTRIX that’s what I am. DENTRIX makes us an office of the 21st century not the 1990’s.”

Diane, Dr. Krause’s office manager adds, “To me the most important thing is DENTRIX’s management capabilities. The system makes you run more efficiently. And as you learn more of the software you only become more efficient. We use probably 75 percent of DENTRIX’s capabilities and that has increased our efficiency by leaps-and-bounds over our old system.”

Diane uses DENTRIX’s letter merge features to print personalized welcome and thank you letters as new patients walk out. And the electronic insurance claims capabilities significantly increase cash-flow for the practice. According to Dr. Krause, “We just installed DENTRIX 9.0 and can now generate digital X-rays and attach them to our eClaims. That is a big advantage. With DENTRIX our eClaims are more secure, all in one place, and the insurance companies seem to prefer to do it the DENTRIX way. eClaims with DENTRIX is quick and efficient, I would say that 85 percent of our insurance claims are submitted electronically through DENTRIX. That’s just another way we’ve become more efficient thanks to the software.”

Dr. Krause reports that, even though it is so rich in capabilities, DENTRIX is actually very easy to use. “We thought that the electronic appointment book would be difficult to use and a big adjustment in the way we work,” he said “But after two days of using it we were hooked. My staff and I would never go back to the old way now that we’ve experienced scheduling with DENTRIX.”

“I taught another office to use DENTRIX in about half-an-hour, it’s that easy to use,” Diane added.

Thanks to an efficient operating philosophy, aided by DENTRIX’s robust capabilities, stability, and integration Dr. Krause has seen significant growth in his practice. “I’m a one-doctor office with a staff of six-only two of which are full-time,” he said. “We’ve grown to almost half-a-million dollars annually. So we’ve got to be doing something right. Switching to DENTRIX was one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made.”