Digital Imaging Solutions: A First-Hand Experience

Dr. Rudy Paolucci shares his experience with ACTEON intraoral imaging products:

"We have been using ACTEON SOPIX2 sensors and the PSPIX2 Digital X-ray Processor along with the SoproCARE intraoral camera for approximately 2 months. I am a Mac-based office using MacPractice software.” One advantage of the ACTEON PSPIX2 phosphor plate system and SOPIX2 intraoral sensors is direct compatibility with Macintosh hardware. “All three products have integrated seamlessly with the iMacs and the  MacPractice software.”

In keeping with the ACTEON philosophy, Dr. Paolucci mentioned the ease at which his practice could integrate both products into their daily workflow. “The learning curve for taking images with the ACTEON products was very simple. My staff was capable of taking very high-quality images after just a couple of hours training.”

When asked about the effects these products had on his workflow, he mentioned not only the speed, but the improved clarity available to him over previous solutions. “It has significantly reduced the time needed for FMX, emergency, and endodontic radiographs. The difference in viewing images on a 21.5” iMac screen compared to a 31x41mm film is astonishing. Patients regularly comment on how impressed they are with the new technology.”

As most dentists can attest, being on the leading edge of technology can introduce some technical hurdles during the initial setup. Working with ACTEON technical support in New Jersey, Dr. Paolucci’s office was quickly up and running. “The only glitch we experienced was in using Mac’s newest OS El Capitan. ACTEON support remotely downloaded required updates and resolved the glitch easily and quickly.” ACTEON support is available at no charge and is U.S. based (New Jersey), including evening hours to accommodate customers in all North American time zones.

Dr. Paolucci went on to discuss the benefits of employing multiple products to facilitate a more complete imaging solution. “I had debated on the need of both SOPIX2 sensors and the PSPIX2 and I am very glad I decided to purchase both. The PSPIX2 size 0 and 1 plates are great for small mouths and patients with limited opening. The size 2 SOPIX2 sensor allows for multiple operators to take images without waiting for the PSPIX2 to become available."

For Dr. Paolucci, the decision to integrate ACTEON imaging products into his practice has improved his workflow, allowed him to provide modern imaging technology to all his patients, and maintain a very high level of care.

This article was originally published in Sidekick Magazine.