Make an Investment in Your Reputation

dental equipment

For Dr. Paige Volentine of Ruston, Louisiana, the motivation to update her practice was simple. “I wanted to work in an environment that represents my skills as a clinician,” she says.
The reality is that today’s patients look at your office through a more sophisticated lens—and perception is everything. Your physical space is seen as a reflection of your commitment to providing a particular level of dental care. Clean, modern-looking dental equipment and furniture help build patients’ trust and confidence that your dental techniques are equally up to date.

Watch this short video to see what a difference it made for Dr. Volentine.

For Dr. Volentine, the combination of A-dec dental equipment and a passion for dental office design resulted in a beautiful new practice that promised the highest level of patient care—and created a significant increase in her overall productivity.

Of course, purchasing new dental equipment, or upgrading your entire office space, is a major decision. But time and time again, dentists like Dr. Volentine find that it’s an investment that pays back in a more successful practice.

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