Family Matters: Father and Son Practice Makes Lasting Impression

Dr. Richard Assing opened his general practice, Brandon Complete Dental Care, in Brandon, Florida in 1986. What started as a small two-operatory room dental practice grew to eight over time however, he knew that additional growth was still on the horizon for his dental practice legacy. 

All in the Family

Dr. Richard Assing (left) and Dr. Brenton Assing (right).

Dr. Assing and his son, Dr. Brenton Assing, envisioned working alongside each other in dentistry to deliver a truly complete dental care experience for their patients. Before the father and son doctors could act on their vision, “Dr. Brenton” sought to finish prosthodontic school, a key element in delivering the complete dental care solution of their dream practice. “Dr. Richard” had the opportunity to purchase property located just one mile away from his present location of 27-years in the diverse, middle-class Tampa suburb. In 2016, “Dr. Brenton” moved back to Florida after completing his schooling.

With “Dr. Brenton” and “Dr. Richard” officially practicing dentistry together at their current office, they began preparations to assemble a team that would help them make their dream practice a reality, in a new dentistry built from the ground up according to their specifications. “We took time researching partners,” says Dr. Assing. “We asked Henry Schein and two other companies for draft floor plans based on our specifications. Henry Schein’s design was the only one that reflected everything we requested.”

Expansion could not have come at a better time for the full-scope general and cosmetic dentistry practice, which provides everything from preventative treatments to full mouth restorations, as well as periodontal care. Originally located in a nondescript, windowless building with only 3,850 square-feet, the waiting room was always full, despite the office being open 12 hours daily,  six days a week. “They were bursting at the seams,” says Staci Miller, Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist, who helped coordinate the build-out. 

“Both doctors were very specific about using natural light, open spaces, and a large lab to accommodate their in-house restorations,” says Ms. Miller. “Dr. Richard loves working on lab cases. The old lab was way too small. Henry Schein’s Integrated Design Studio provided the only design that included both a large, main laboratory and a smaller lab. The doctors appreciated that.”


Henry Schein's Integrated Design Studio designed the floor plan of Brandon Complete Dental Care to be spacious and inviting, allowing for exceptional flow and plenty of natural outside lighting.

“The Integrated Design Studio helped us create a clean layout, allowing for a smooth and efficient workflow,” adds Dr. Richard. “We focus a lot on our own lab work. The space fully accommodates everything we want to do with restorations. We could not have accomplished this without their guidance.”

Looking Sleek and Working Efficiently

Brandon Complete Dental Care moved from its cramped location into a spacious new home in December 2020. The new state-of-the-art dental practice was a culmination of expert advice from across the spectrum of Henry Schein’s consultancy services, which included their Integrated Design Studio, as well as Ms. Miller as the Equipment Sales Specialist and Michele Furu, Field Sales Consultant.

Modern and clean, the treatment rooms provide a consistent workflow from room to room.

Brandon Complete Dental Care’s new dental practice boasts a 6,000 square-foot, space with an abundance of natural light streaming in from their brand-new windows. The practice features a modern gray and white interior palette with a strategic floor plan layout that optimizes the new practice workflows. Brandon Complete Dental Care’s new office now includes:

  • 12 private operatories
  • Two surgical suites
  • One main lab and one smaller lab
  • A consultation room
  • A billing office and staff lounge

Living the Dream

One of the most significant changes – and one of the things that most impresses the doctors – is the esthetic ambiance of the property. “My original practice was very plain,” says Dr. Richard. “There was no wall paper, no pictures on the walls, not a single window. My son and wife assisted in selecting the new interior look with the help of Henry Schein’s design team. Integrated Design Studio came up with color schemes, unique designs, and attention to the intricacies throughout the office that demonstrate their attention to every detail.”

What the doctors and staff appreciate most is finally having a sizable parking lot with ample room for them and their many patients throughout the day. “My staff had to park offsite at the old office,” says Dr. Richard. “Sometimes, I parked offsite as well because someone from another company was in my spot. We love our new parking lot.”

The busy practice runs efficiently, and father and son continue to see patients six days each week. Brandon Complete Dental Care boasts all new equipment to help the dental team provide patients with a wide range of dentistry services and comfort. The doctors attended Midmark ImpactDesign courses with Ms. Miller, and later purchased primarily Midmark equipment and furniture, which includes:

With an eye always toward the future, Dr. Richard had no concerns about building a new dental office in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, the practice experienced 74% growth since January. The key, he said is, “to get a good partner like Henry Schein that truly wants to see you succeed both professionally and financially. They know how and where to help. It’s what they do.”