Ohio Office Increases Square Footage and Receivables With New Office Build

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Beecher Crossing Dental Group – Gahanna, Ohio | Jon Runion, DDS & Jessica Runion, DDS

Beecher Crossing DentalBeecher Crossing Dental Group is a thriving general dentistry practice near Columbus, Ohio. Over the past four years, it has expanded three times, while never having to close the doors during the office’s six-day work week! Leading this remarkable success story are owners and husband/wife dental team, Drs. Jon and Jessica Runion. Their build-out experience proves that renovating an existing dental office while continuing to provide excellent patient care is possible when the process is well planned. The expansion was done in phases, with parts of the office rotating into new spaces so that patient care could continue uninterrupted throughout construction.

Practice Expands To Neighboring Space After a Year
In 2012, the Runions bought an established practice and renamed it Beecher Crossing Dental Group. Together, the doctors worked to grow the new brand, and they conferred with Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Brett Gerboth and Field Sales Consultant Josh Swearingen along the way about the best ways to enhance their production and technology to align with their long-term goals.

Reception area

“Jon and Jessica Runion are great partners for us,” explained Mr. Gerboth. “They are young dentists and business owners who provide high-level comprehensive dental services within their practice. They met with Josh and me often as the practice has grown, and they have really embraced our business solutions.”

i-CAT imaging system

The i-CAT FLX Cone Beam imaging system is used by both doctors to provide specialty care. It’s the standard of care for Dr. Jon’s implant cases, and
Dr. Jessica’s orthodontic cases as well as sleep and airway studies.

The office the couple inherited came equipped with five operatories and a floor plan that contained dead-end hallways, leading to extra steps and inefficiencies. In 2013, they had the opportunity to push out into adjacent space, increasing the practice to 2,300 square feet. The addition allowed them to add two more operatories for a total of seven, and it gave them some breathing room to install new technology. With the help of Henry Schein TechCentral, they updated their computer network, as well as added DEXIS sensors, each interconnected with Dentrix Practice Management Software, making the office completely digital.

The added space and advanced technology relieved some of the pressures of the growing practice, but not completely. The two doctors still had to share a single office, which also doubled as their consultation room; the check-out area was very small; and the staff lounge was undersized. Ultimately, as production grew through Dr. Jon’s comprehensive implant and reconstructive practice, and Dr. Jessica’s patient first mentality, they attracted more patients, and they realized that they needed more treatment rooms and a circular layout for better workflow. They explored moving to a new site, but while searching for an attractive location, vacant space in their own building came available and with it, they could double their footprint. It was a no brainer…they purchased it, and tasked Mr. Gerboth with developing a plan to combine the two suites into one high-tech office in a way that allowed them to see patients throughout.

Treatment room

The 10 operatories utilize best practices, with Midmark chairs and cabinetry, KaVo electric handpieces, and large monitors that allow patients to see their digital images and engage more fully in treatment discussions.

“We decided on a three-step phasing,” explained Mr. Gerboth. “In phase one, we moved the seven operatories into the new space, and constructed two more for a total of nine. In phase two, we demolished the existing practice space and converted it to a new business office and reception area. In the final phase, we turned the previous business office into a beautiful and spacious staff lounge and restroom, and added a tenth operatory, a corner surgical suite.”

Surgical room

A large corner surgical suite is the most recent addition to the treatment area, featuring equipment from Pelton & Crane.

The work was challenging…the walls were taken down to the studs, reframed, and rebuilt.

“The doctors spent a lot of time fine-tuning the layout and made a number of plan revisions so everything was perfectly placed,” said Mr. Gerboth.

They Built It, and Now Patients Come

The finished office is comfortable, professional, and it communicates the high-quality experience patients can expect from Drs. Jon and Jessica.

“From the first step into our facility, our dedication to the highest level of customer service and dental treatment is very obvious,” noted Dr. Jon Runion. “We chose a contemporary design but kept it very warm and inviting.”

Drenched in a soft green palette, subtle splashes of color burst from the upholstery in the reception area, leaving the area serene but lively. Tile and carpeting greet patients as they enter, and durable linoleum that mimics hardwood lines the treatment rooms, which are outfitted with Midmark Artizan cabinetry and Midmark Ultratrim chairs. KaVo electric handpieces are poised in rear-delivery units, and the doctors use Digital Doc intraoral cameras as well.

Sterilizaion area

A walk-through, single-direction Midmark Integra sterilization room is large enough to support this high-volume, expanding practice, featuring M11 autoclaves, a KaVo QUATTROcarePlus handpiece maintenance system, and a NOMAD Pro 2 Intraoral X-Ray.

“The practice has standardized all of the operatories and provided very efficient work areas,” said Mr. Gerboth. “The additional office space allows the front office to run more efficiently and discuss treatment planning with patients in a more comfortable environment.” It also allowed the couple to add two associates to their practice, Dr. Laura Williams and Dr. Harsh Shah.


The Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM system, from digital impressions to the onsite PlanMill 40, is located in the lab, set in the center of the practice. It allows the doctors to provide one-stop dental care and same-day restorations.

The investment in the expanded office, some of which was funded through Henry Schein Financial Services, has already benefited the practice’s bottom line. Since the renovation was completed, Dr. Jon estimates it has enjoyed a 38% growth in production/collections. This impressive result is expected to grow as referrals increase, powered by impressive technology and attention to the patient’s comfort.

Impressive is an accurate word for the technology Beecher Crossing provides to patients, which allows them to deliver a comprehensive range of care under their roof. In addition to the DEXIS sensors and the Digital Doc intraoral cameras, the doctors invested in some of the most cutting-edge technology in the Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM system and the i-CAT FLX Cone Beam imaging system. Both are robust solutions that align with their goal of providing most dental services in-house, particularly implant dentistry. The doctors utilize the i-CAT for implant treatment, but also for orthodontics and sleep and airway treatment. With his growing practice in comprehensive implant therapy, Dr. Jon was drawn to the Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM system for its all-in-one digital solution and the flexibility of its open architecture.

The goal is to eventually expand again to make space for multiple surgical suites, according to Dr. Jon, who has limited his practice to complex rehabilitation. The doctors regularly attend continuing education classes so they can offer many specialty services in their office, which patients generally prefer.

“My advice is to think how your daily life can be better by the environment you work in,” said Dr. Jon. “We as dentists give so much of our time and energy to our practices. We deserve to work in a beautiful, high-tech workplace that encourages greatness.”

“If you want to produce amazing results, then you have to have an amazing team and amazing facility to support your talent.” ♦

Group picture

Left to Right: Butch Stenger, Regional Manager; Brett Gerboth, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Jessica Runion; Steve Simokov, Certified Integration Equipment Service Technician; Dr. Jon Runion; Josh Swearingen, Field Sales Consultant; Danielle DeArment, Digital Technology Specialist; Scott McWhinney, Equipment Service Technician.

Originally published in Sidekick Magazine