Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists–Falls Church, Virginia

Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists – Falls Church, VA

Dr. Girish Banaji

Bright colors dance boldly against the stark white color scheme of the ultramodern practice. The teardrop design, shown here in interlocking seats and tables, is found throughout the office.

The pediatric office of Dr. Girish Banaji is an architectural wonder. Its dramatic décor is ultracontemporary, almost futuristic. The colors are bold and crisp and the design elements, sweeping. It is a work of art that also happens to be a high-tech, efficiently designed dental practice.

Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists is located in the Mosaic district of Falls Church, Virginia, a suburban oasis just 10 miles outside of Washington, D.C. Falls Church sits at the crossroads of Virginia State Route 7 and U.S. Route 29, which takes travelers right into the nation’s capital. Because the city was incorporated (giving it county-equivalent status), this small but upscale area was named by Forbes as the richest county in America in both 2011 and 2014, and it has enjoyed significant growth in the last decade.

Practice Analysis and Test-Fit Design Prompt New Build-Out

It was against this backdrop that Dr. Banaji began thinking about designing a new office. The space worked for him when he opened the practice in 2002, but by 2012, he had outgrown it. His 10-year lease was up for renewal and he wanted to start fresh and own his own building.

Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant Dana Martin and Regional Manager Bobby Anderson conducted a Henry Schein Practice Analysis for Dr. Banaji, and those data results prompted him to opt for a build-out. He also reached out to Henry Schein Equipment & Technology Specialist Bob Middledorf in the early stages of the project. He had worked with Middledorf before, and as the doctor explains, it has always been “a great working relationship.”

Inside the reception area, two separate game rooms, set behind walls of glass, keep children entertained until they are called into treatment.

The doctor found a 15,000 square-foot commercial building and asked Henry Schein to do a test-fit design to see if the space could accommodate his vision. “[Dr. Banaji] contacted me when he found the space,” remembers Middledorf. “He wanted to evaluate the feasibility of using this building for a multispecialty dental office. We did some test-fit drawings, and I brought in a contractor to work up a construction budget. The cost fit within [his] budget, so he decided to purchase the building.”

The plan for the new office included gutting the interior of the building and raising the roof three feet for a greater sense of openness. The branding for the practice included a teardrop-shaped element that was incorporated into every detail, from signage to the custom-shaped chairs in the reception area.

All billing, scheduling, and insurance questions are handled at workstations in the operatories, which feature bright yellow exterior walls.

One of two contemporary sterilization centers located on either side of the practice, close to treatment rooms.

Custom in-ceiling monitors are directly above the children, keeping them engaged during their appointment.

A Dental Office Where Kids Want to Come

Banaji Pediatric Dental Specialists is 7,250 square feet and covers the entire second floor of the office building. It features 10 pediatric clinical areas, two sterilization rooms, and two kid-friendly game rooms that welcome children at the door. Bold primary colors splashed throughout the office create a striking contrast to the predominantly white color scheme. The look and feel is modern and striking, but in a practical sense, it is tailored to maximize the work flow of the doctor, his two associates, and the entire dental team.

When children and their parents walk through the front door, the first thing that grabs their attention is the custom sunshine yellow check-in desk. As bright and modern as it is, the desk is there just to greet patients and check them in. All other patient needs, including checkout, billing, scheduling, and insurance questions are handled chairside at workstations in each treatment room.

Of course, this detail is unimportant to the children who immediately launch themselves into one of two game rooms in the waiting area. Both are glassed in, with one dedicated to Xbox Kinect (in which kids use their body movements as virtual controllers), and the other to more traditional gaming systems. Glass panels that separate the largest game room from the reception area can be removed if Dr. Banaji ever needs to enlarge the space.

The look and feel is modern and striking, but in a practical sense, it is tailored to maximize the work flow.

Sleek and simple, each operatory is separated by a basket weave architectural wall.

The sleek and clean operatories are outfitted with Pelton & Crane Helios lights, Pelton & Crane chairs, and Midmark pedo benches and cabinetry. Two of them, plumbed with nitrous oxide, are designated as “quiet” rooms. Rear delivery units keep instruments out of sight from children’s watchful eyes. Instead, they are distracted with entertainment displayed on the custom in-ceiling monitors.

There are two bright-white sterilization centers (with an option for a third) on each side of the practice that run along the length of each hallway, within steps of the treatment rooms.

Equipment and Technology Integrated with Dentrix

Dr. Banaji’s modern practice utilizes advanced technology as well, all purchased from Henry Schein prior to the office move. The office is fully digital and paperless: its Dentrix software improves productivity in many functions.

“All of our technology is closely integrated with Dentrix,” says Dr. Banaji. “We use programs native to Dentrix or those that are closely integrated with [it].”

One of those programs is Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite Dental™ phone system, which is offered through Henry Schein TechCentral. Instead of having the receptionist type information and then searching for the right patient file while speaking to the patient, the Broadview system automatically matches the caller with their patient information stored in Dentrix, retrieves it, and displays it on the computer screen. Front-office staff has instant access to information, including upcoming appointments or previous services performed for either the patient or other family members, and more. That way, the staff can address patient needs in a more comprehensive and efficient way.

The consultation room is no-nonsense, bathed in crisp white walls and flooring, interrupted only by a single poster on the wall and black chairs flanking the desk.

In addition to this powerful phone service, Dr. Banaji uses Henry Schein’s eServices to manage insurance claims, communicate with patients through text and e-mail reminders, and process credit card payments right in the treatment rooms using PowerPay.

Dentrix also interfaces easily with the office’s digital imaging. The doctor uses Gendex sensors, which come in a smaller, more comfortable size for children, and a Gendex panoramic X-ray machine.

Pelton & Crane chairs and lights outfit the treatment rooms.

The Gendex panoramic X-ray machine is highly efficient and perfectly adjusted for kids.

Doctor Dedicated to Meeting Children’s Needs

The most unconventional aspect of Dr. Banaji’s practice came about as a convenience to his patients and their families. Many parents expressed interest in having their own dental care performed in his new office, so the doctor obliged!

He now rents out his five additional operatories to a local general dentist who provides services as an independent contractor to the parents of Dr. Banaji’s patients.

“Our location in a modern building with other dental specialists, such as an orthodontist, oral surgeon, and general dentist, allows us to stay current with the latest in technology and techniques,” assures Dr. Banaji. “The modern, spacious, open plan is inviting to the parent and child. It correctly conveys that we, as a practice, care for their comfort, and they are valued.”