FlowStar Touch Flowmeter

FlowStar Touch Flowmeter  - Distributed by Henry Schein

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Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen scavenging systems benefit from a high quality vacuum system. With the help of a reliable vacuum system it can be administered safely within your practice. Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Sedation is the next natural fit for Air Techniques.

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Air Techniques is bringing Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Sedation to the next level with multiple innovations which includes our new Touch and Analog Flow Meters.

FlowStar Touch is the next generation of nitrous oxide sedation that combines timeless elegance with superior technology. The innovative flat touchscreen control fits perfectly with a modern practice. Multiple GCS Mounting Options available to suit the needs of every practice.

Key Features:

• Easy to use touchscreen saves time

• Automatic fail-safe protection to shut off nitrous when there’s a loss of oxygen for patient safety

• 18L total flow rate for treating patients with larger lung capacity

• Acoustic and visual information signals for patient safety

• Integrated error and assessment memory

• Auto compensating feature controls total gas flow when adjustments are needed saving time and money

• Positioning of gas delivery and Scavenging control for more flexible installations