A-dec Preference ICC® Sterilization System

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A-dec Preference ICC® - Dental Sterilization Center

Preference ICC is not just a sterilization center. It's a complete system that simplifies maintenance and sterilization. Every detail promotes asepsis and efficiency. And just like our dental equipment, Preference ICC is built to last.

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Efficient: Preference ICC closely follows established phases of sterilization. Related steps are grouped together to simplify and streamline the entire sterilization process.

Combine Preference ICC with Preference Collection pass-through upper storage for efficient flow of materials in and out of the dental operatory.
Flexible: Preference ICC offers you numerous module choices so you can design the configuration that best fits your practice. You choose the exact modules for each phase of sterilization based on what works for you and your staff.

Durable: Construction…

Choice of 24 modules to create numerous configurations
Red and blue lighting to clearly identify contaminated and clean sections
Integrated task lighting
Foot-activated upper doors
Height: 80.75" (2051 mm)
Depth: 27.50" (699 mm)