Dentsply Sirona Schick 33 Intraoral Sensors (Starter Kit)

Dentsply Sirona Schick 33 Intraoral Sensors (Starter Kit) - Distributed by Henry Schein

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Hop on the digital dentistry bandwagon with the Dentsply Sirona Schick 33 sensor starter kit, your multi-tasking, intraoral diagnostic workhorse. You can quickly customize your digital imaging preferences, share images easily with colleagues and choose the right size dental X-ray sensor for every patient age and anatomy.

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Making waves in dental radiology, the innovative Dentsply Sirona Schick 33 dental X-ray sensor starter kit features so many enhancement options and image adjustment capabilities that you can’t just call it a sensor — it’s an entire intraoral solution. Equipped with a task-specific mapping feature, you can quickly view digital images based on your diagnostic preferences and specialty: presets include general dentistry, endodontic, periodontic and restorative dentistry. A dynamic image enhancer allows you to sharpen images as needed, while multiple sensor sizes, cable lengths and connectivity options provide a thoroughly customizable digital imaging tool. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of digital dentistry, the innovative, industry-leading Schick 33 dental X-ray sensor is a smart investment.

  • Intuitive. Dentsply Sirona combines its second-generation CMOS-APS technology with intuitive software-enhancement tools for highest-quality intraoral diagnostic capabilities; plus, the new USB 3 interface means fast information read-out and optimized data transfer between your sensor and imaging software
  • Modular. With three cable lengths — 90 cm, 180 cm and 270 cm — you can choose how to best outfit each Schick sensor for optimal ease and efficiency
  • Sized for everyone. Choose the perfect-size sensor for every patient and anatomy: #0 for pediatric images; #1 for smaller adult single-tooth images and bitewings for larger kids; #2 for adult bitewings and single-tooth images
  • High resolution. The Schick 33 sensor delivers superb image quality, with a theoretical resolution of 33 lp/mm and a 15 μm pixel size
  • Share and share alike. The Schick sensor allows you to save files for sharing in any format your colleagues and insurers may request, including JPEG, ZIP, postcard and more
  • Time-tested. Made with premium materials, the durable Dentsply Sirona Schick 33 intraoral sensor is built to withstand years of daily use

Schick 33 sensors are available in three different sizes:

Size 2: Adult bitewing and single-tooth images

Size 1: Single-tooth images for smaller adults, patients with a shallow palate and bitewings for larger children

Size 0: Pediatric images

Various cable lengths:

The choice of various cable lengths facilitates flexibility, regardless of the operatory size and configuration.

Options: 3 ft., 6 ft., 9 ft. cables