Air Techniques Mojave® Monitor 2V3M Dry Vacuum System

Air Techniques Mojave® Monitor 2V3M Dry Vacuum System - Distributed by Henry Schein

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Air Techniques has paved the way for over five decades as North America's leading and largest manufacturer of dental vacuum systems. Mojave is designed to meet the needs of any office – with high performance, high efficiency, and low operational costs. Air Techniques Mojave® Monitor 2V3M Dry Vacuum System supports up-to 6 simultaneous users.

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Mojave is the next generation of dry vacuum systems from Air Techniques and delivers the highest suction power of any dry system available today.



  • Big performance
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy use
  • No water or oil used to create vacuum
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • VFD pumps only spin as fast as needed
  • MMC displays systems status and error/fault codes
  • Sound reducing impeller design



  • Highest flow rate at every operatory, even with multiple simultaneous users
  • Additional pumps turn on only when needed (multi-pump units)
  • Automatic rinsing cycle cleans tank and prevents clogs
  • Wetted metal parts are nickel plated oir stainless steel
  • Easy installation with rugged metal chassis
  • Expandable up to 60 users
  • Various models are available to fit your individual needs
  • For Government and institutional clinics; multiple configurations are available

The Smart Choice

Air Techniques Mojave® Monitor 2V3M Dry Vacuum System are designed to provide high operational performance with low operating costs and virtually no maintenance, all in a compact footprint. Using intelligent components including a Variable Frequency Drive, the Mojave Master Controller, and direct integration with Vision Monitor IoT platform, you can feel confident your vacuum system will always deliver optimal performance based on your needs. Whether it’s time to replace your current vacuum, considering the refurbishment of your practice or even building a new facility, Mojave DryStar Monitor is your ideal solution.


Mojave Master Controller and Vision Monitor

The Mojave Master Controller (MMC-M) automatically adjusts the speed of the pump(s) to maintain vacuum level regardless of how many users come on-line. A vacuum transducer senses when a HVE or SE is opened, increasing the frequency of the 3-phase motor to quickly provide the flow rate needed on-demand.


Monitors and displays pump frequency, vacuum level and temperature on a color touchscreen.

  • • Set vacuum level from 8 to 10 inHg (V15M models up to 15 inHg).
  • • Records the run time in hours, of up to 4 connected pumps.
  • • Balances the vacuum load equally across all running pumps prolonging the life of the pumps.
  • • Displays any error/fault codes and sends error/fault codes to users through Vision Monitor.
  • • Controls the washout and diagnosis functions.
  • • Allows remote monitoring and access through the Vision Monitor Cloud platform.

Vision Monitor Features:

  • • IoT Condition Monitoring system with web-based user interface (on web and mobile

App: Apple & Android)

  • • Alarms and (pre-) warnings are reported immediately to the desktop and by email
  • • Remote access to practice equipment via Cloud: easy, safe and secure device


  • • Legacy equipment monitoring for older or Classic, non-networked devices

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Mojave 2V3 Specs:


Part Number: 2V3
Max. Number of Simultaneous Users:   6
Horsepower: 3.0
Panel Circuit Breaker: 20 (A) (x2)
Voltage (+/- 10%): 220
Pump Dimensions W x H x D (in): 25 x 21 x 34
Tank Included: MT10
Tank Dimensions W x H x D (in): 29 x 22 x 23
Weights (lbs):

Pump - 145 (x2); Tank - 75