A-dec Dry Vacuum System

A-dec Dry Vacuum System - Distributed by Henry Schein

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A-dec dental chairs are plumbed with 1" diameter internal vacuum tubing.
This large airflow capacity easily accommodates the high CFMs generated by the A-dec dry vacuum, to move aerosols quickly out of the operatory. With this powerful combination of A-dec equipment working together to manage
aerosols, you can breathe easy.

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Concerns about aerosols make the dental vacuum an essential piece of equipment for your practice. Historically, suction power was the standard measure of vacuum performance. But in terms of aerosol management, the airflow rate in cubic feet per minute (CFM) is a far more important factor. If you’re using large-bore HVEs to improve aerosol capture at the treatment site, a powerful vacuum with high CFM airflow is essential. The A-dec dry dental vacuum uses Regenerative Side Channel Blower technology to deliver the essential combination of excellent suction and powerful airflow, moving high volumes of air quickly and efficiently—so you and your staff can feel comfortable in the operatory.
DV5 166 1–5 18"x19.5"x48.5" 57.4/62.8
DV7 172 5–7 18"x19.5"x48.5" 57.4/70
DV10 188 7–10 18"x19.5"x48.5" 58.3/63.2
DV12 188 10–12 18"x19.5"x48.5" 58.3/70.5
DV5t 332 7–10
DV7t 332 10–14
DV10t 376 14–20
DV12t 376 20–24