Air Techniques ScanX Duo Touch

Air Techniques ScanX Duo Touch - Distributed by Henry Schein
Air Techniques ScanX Duo Touch - Distributed by Henry Schein
Air Techniques ScanX Duo Touch - Distributed by Henry Schein
Air Techniques ScanX Duo Touch - Distributed by Henry Schein

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With innovative and practical solutions, Air Techniques has been shaping the field of dental imaging for almost five decades. In the field of digital X-rays with PSPs in particular, Air Techniques technology offers imaging of the highest resolution currently possible. Therefore, it meets the needs of all your diagnostic requirements.

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The ScanX Duo Touch digital radiography system enables the intuitive, efficient and time-saving digitization of PSPs for all intraoral formats, sizes 0-4 IDX PSPs. Its large high resolution glass touchscreen, easy-to-use interface, and dual slots for simultaneous scanning contribute to this. Thanks to WiFi, the device is exceptionally flexible. This makes PSP diagnostics quicker, more reliable and more convenient with the ScanX Duo Touch. A Great Feeling of Efficiency and Reliability Air Techniques IDX PSP technology makes it very easy to switch to a digital workflow, thanks to the wide range of formats, the ScanX Duo Touch allows you to process on a single device. Since the X-ray process and image formats do not differ from those for analog film, there’s a minimal learning curve. The thin, flexible plate offers clear advantages for you, your team and your patients: It is easier to position and sits more comfortably in the patient‘s mouth. Once the image has been taken, it appears on the monitor in just a few seconds. Thanks to an integrated erasure function, the durable IDX PSP is then immediately ready to be used again. The new Air Techniques ScanX IDX PSP image plates help to ensure increased diagnostic reliability. The individual ID of each IDX image plate is saved within the scanned image. As a result, if the image quality of an image plate starts to deteriorate, it can be easily identified to ensure that image quality always remains the best. Another advantage: if a plate is exposed from the wrong side, our VisionX imaging software will display a message for the user. Automatic image rotation with VisionX is also featured in the ScanX Duo Touch. Since the ScanX Duo Touch only accepts IDX image plates, it is ensured that the very high quality standards from Air Techniques can be maintained. This is a clear benefit for you, both in terms of reliability and quality. Excellent Image Quality Digital filters for reliable diagnostics: The Air Techniques imaging software automatically optimizes and saves all images. Diagnosis-supporting filters can also be used to adjust the contrast and sharpness of images. This enables a more detailed diagnosis. The enhanced quality of images allows the operator to convincingly explain potential options and treatment plans to patients. Stand-Alone Mode The ScanX Duo Touch can also work independently. You can still scan and save X-ray images even if the IT network is down. The images are stored securely on the internal SD card and are transferred to the database later on. If necessary, the images can be displayed on the high-resolution screen. ScanManager - For Even More Efficient Workflow You can send scan jobs to the ScanX Duo Touch from any workstation. You then select and start the required job on the ScanX by touching the screen. Afterwards, the image is automatically sent to the appropriate workstation. Multiple scan jobs can be simultaneously requested from different stations. WiFi Functionality The WiFi capability allows the ScanX Duo Touch to be easily integrated into an existing network. You can place the unit anywhere in the office. Connecting via LAN or USB interface is also possible.

ScanX Duo Touch (J1200)



7" glass touchscreen, 800 x 480 pixels, 16.7 million colors

Plate sizes

All intraoral formats, sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 IDX PSPs

Theoretical resolution Lp/mm

40, 2000 dpi

Greyscale (bits)

65,536 (16)


17 lbs

Dimensions W x D x H

9.2" x 11.5" x 14.9" / 23.4 x 29.3 x 37.9 cm