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Planmeca Viso™ offers 2D, 3D and cephalometric imaging. It has a large 25x30cm flat panel sensor that captures 3x3cm volumes up to 30x30cm and offers the industry’s largest single scan volume of 30x19cm. Planmeca Viso™ incorporates advanced technology to produce clear, diagnostically rich images while substantially reducing patient radiation dose.

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Introducing Planmeca Viso™, a new addition to the Planmeca CBCT imaging family. Planmeca Viso™ is designed to surpass the expectations of industry specialists. Planmeca Viso offers 2D, 3D and cephalometric imaging. It is equipped with a large 25 x 30 cm flat panel sensor that can capture 3 x 3 cm- 30 x 30 cm field of views and offers the industry’s largest single scan volume covering the entire maxillofacial area.

Additionally, Planmeca Viso incorporates the best of our 3D imaging technology to produce clear, diagnostically rich images by correcting motion, noise and distortion caused by restorations while substantially reducing patient radiation dose.

With four integrated cameras and a live patient view, Planmeca Viso™ improves patient positioning for image acquisition with freely positionable FOVs through our touch screen interface.

Key components of Planmeca Viso™

Planmeca Viso™ offers:

  • 3x3 cm – 30x30 cm field-of-views
  • Large 25 cm x 30 cm sensor with 4 integrated cameras
  • Optional 3D specialty programs such as ENT, Planmeca ProFace®, Braces protocol, Planmeca 4D™ Jaw Motion and model scanning
  • Smartpan and Autofocus for unmatched panoramic image quality
  • True extraoral bitewings
  • Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™
  • Planmeca CALM™, which corrects patient movement
  • New rear head patient positioning support for incredible stability and comfort.
  • Touch panel offers incredible flexibility in freely selecting the region of interest and adjusting the height and width with the touch of a finger



Planmeca Viso™ CBCT systems offer advanced technology to support some of the most difficult procedures involving:

  • Dental implants
  • Impacted teeth
  • Corrective jaw surgery
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate repair
  • Facial infections and injury
  • Snoring/sleep apnea 

2D Dental Programs

  • Standard 2D Panoramic Program
  • 2D SmartPan Panoramic program
  • Autofocus
  • True extraoral bitewings
  • TMJ lateral and PA projections
  • Planmeca ProCeph™*


3D Dental Programs

  • Tooth
  • Teeth
  • Jaw
  • Face
  • Skull


3D Specialty programs*

  • Planmeca ProFace®
  • Braces protocol
  • Planmeca 4D™ Jaw Motion
  • Models scan
  • Viso PlanID


3D ENT Programs*

  • Nose
  • Sinuses
  • Middle ears
  • Temporal bones
  • Airways
  • Vertebrae


*Optional equipment or feature