WK-99 LT Synea Vision contra-angle handpiece 1:5

WK-99 LT Synea Vision contra-angle handpiece 1:5 - Distributed by Henry Schein

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Contra-angle handpiece 1:5, Quattro Spray, head size - 9.5 mm, push-button chuck for FG-burs - 1.6 mm,
compact glass rod. Ideal for indications, including: preparation of crown abutments and cavities, dental trepanning, resectioning, finishing, removal of fillings and metals.

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Two head sizes for individual needs.  Optimum service life and quiet operation due to ceramic ball bearings and innovative gearing technology (WK-99). Easy to clean, comprehensive protection and long-term value retention thanks to new surface coating. Excellent grip and ergonomics with optimized shank profile and monobloc design.

Compact glass rod for outstanding, illumination of the treatment site. Durable instrument construction with stainless-steel external parts.

Easy change of instruments. Integrated maintenance-free spray filter for top water quality.

Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable