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TechCentral Is for Dentists Who Want

• To integrate digital technology and practice management for efficient workflow
• To upgrade to the best computer systems for your budget and needs
• To avoid IT hassles and technology disruptions
• To acquire, build or remodel
• To get support from experts in computer systems, imaging and software

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Trust Your Office Technology and Security to Dental Experts

Henry Schein TechCentral leads the dental industry in providing superior office technology solutions that are optimized and integrated for dental practices. Unlike other IT companies, we have a single source team of experts that design, deliver or support computers, networks, phone systems and security solutions that protect the practice and its data. These solutions include network security, data encryption and HIPAA-mandated Security Risk Assessments. Because you need the best in dental office technology and security, trust the tech experts at TechCentral.

  • Expert office technology help, from planning to ongoing technical support
  • Security solutions and services that protect your practice data and infrastructure
  • Proven, reliable computer and network systems configured for the needs of dental practices
  • Solutions to match your practice’s unique needs and budget
  • Quickly installed for minimal business disruption
  • Expert remote and on-site support 
  • The Dangers of Using Outdated Systems

    The Dangers of Using Outdated Systems

    Microsoft will stop supporting certain Windows software early 2020. Learn about a new OmniCore service, handling your IT updates and maintenance so you can focus on dentistry. Read More...

  • Keeping Your Patient Data Off the Dark Web

    Keeping Your Patient Data Off the Dark Web

    Keeping patient date off the dark web, the hidden corner of the internet where cyber criminals buy and sell patient health care information, is a necessity. Find out how WatchGuard all-in-one network security solution protects practice data. Learn More...

  • Making Your Digital Dentistry Shine

    Making Your Digital Dentistry Shine

    Building the right IT infrastructure around your dental equipment and your practice operations is important, and working with a vendor who understands the unique needs of dentistry ensures it’s set up eff ectively. Learn how Henry Schein TechCentral approaches IT infrastructure with a three-pronged approach: hardware, software, and data security.

  • Ransomware Attacks: They Could Happen to You

    Ransomware Attacks: They Could Happen to You

    Small- to medium-sized businesses can’t afford the huge expense of a ransomware attack in which patient data is held “hostage” by hackers. Practices must have a solid backup strategy, including off-site cloud storage, or they can lose valuable data that cannot be easily recovered. Find out how TechCentral protects dental practices from ransomware damage.