The Wellness Center–Alameda, CA

Dr. Dean's new office is located in Alameda, California in a quaint section known for its numerous Colonial- and Victorian-style homes. The 9,000-sq. foot house, which was built in 1902, is classified as an historical landmark that is commonly referred to as The Red Cross House because of its use as a disaster and wartime relief facility during World War II and its continued use as a community health services center until 1997.

The Red Cross House beautifully exemplifies the Colonial architectural motif both inside and out. Its spaciousness and potential for fulfilling Dr. Dean's practice vision made it the perfect site for her inspired and multifunctional Wellness Center. Six-thousand-sq. ft. of the house is used for the dental practice, which includes 7 operatories, a neuromuscular room, a sleep-disorders room, and a cranial therapy room. There is also a Speaking Center, where Dr. Dean gives presentations and holds the programs for Kids on the Move America (KOTMA), her nonprofit organization that works with children, providing them with the support and resources for pursuing a healthier, more prosperous lifestyle.

Initially, negotiations were begun for space in a new shopping mall in Alameda. But it was soon realized that this would not be sufficient for the office Dr. Dean wanted.

"Dr. Dean wanted a minimum of 5 treatment chairs and separate orthodontic chairs as well," notes Steve Aaron, Equipment Sales Specialist. After viewing the Red Cross House, it was found to be ideal for the project. "The landmark building achieved all of the requirements, and even allowed for the Doctor's outreach programs-and yoga and dance classes!"

Steve Aaron, Equipment Sales Specialist and Rick Williams, Field Sales Consultant, combined their talents and energy to ensure that Dr. Dean's Wellness Center would be all she had hoped for. "The first and most important thing Rick and I did was to take the time to understand Dr. Dean's vision for the project and how it would integrate with the community," comments Steve Aaron. "Once this was done, we could then go forward to help in assembling the correct team of professionals to support the plans."

Henry Schein Dental provided end-to-end assistance for the office. Their recommendations were instrumental in locating the various contractors needed for project completion and advice on the timeline, products and equipment, and layout and design of the dental operatories. Dr. Dean transitioned from film to digital X-rays.

"The first and most important thing Rick and I did was to take the time to understand Dr. Dean's vision for the project and how it would integrate with the community."

Radiographic equipment was by far the best investment and integration in my office," comments Dr. Dean. "...the advanced technology...afforded enhanced diagnosis, reducedtime, and improved visibility. [It] also promoted better communication with the patient and the insurance industry. Good customization and integration software to image the TMJ, head and neck, and sinus area helped to drive the profitability of our practice. We also chose Midmark operatory chairs, which to me are the best for the neck and lumbar spine. The chairs prevent the patient from experiencing tingling and numbness in the fingers when they are reclined for long treatment procedures. Patient comfort is very important to me, along with ergonomic equipment and stools for the staff."

The decorative theme of the office is tropical Bahamian. "My native Bahamian heritage influenced my choice of interior design for The Wellness Center," points out Dr. Dean. "Color and plants are powerful stimulants...they promote wellness and healing. We foster a stress-free, enjoyable atmosphere." This is easily seen throughout the treatment facility, which is filled with Bahamian design, island prints, and the relaxing color theme of green, yellow, and brown. The reception area is accented with comfortable, contemporary furnishings that support the lumbar spine- and the treatment areas offer the option of listening to the soothing sounds of waves on Bahamian beaches or a spectacular array of Bahamian undersea views, including beautiful coral reefs and colorful exotic tropical marine life. There is a little bit of paradise to be found at The Wellness Center-wherever you look!

"We want patients to love their healthy, beautiful smile, to feel wonderful, and to enjoy the process in achieving it," remarks Dr. Dean. "The care we give our patients is much more profound, and we enjoy knowing we are giving them a "new" experience with better care through the use of advanced technology and equipment. The new equipment enables us to feel more professional. I needed new tools to enhance my technical skills in order to deliver high-quality dentistry in a positive and happy environment. Steve Aaron and Rich Williams were instrumental in advising me during the project. Their support gave our entire team hope and encouraged project completion as well."

Keven Youngquist, Lead Installation Technician and Justin Crooke, Office Designer, were also critical team members in grooming the office to meet Dr. Dean's practice agenda. Dr. Dean, her five assistants, and front-office staff now have optimal conditions to pursue the vision of The Wellness Center. "The newly created environment of the Wellness Center has impacted me, my staff, and my patients. The patients love the peaceful feel of the office-and my staff and I love going to work. We want our patients to have the ultimate experience at The Wellness Center. I look forward to each day with enthusiasm and high expectations of myself," adds Dr. Dean.

Henry Schein Dental and its specialists are proud and happy to have had the opportunity to help Dr. Dean bring her dream to life at The Wellness Center. It is an extraordinary facility with an extraordinarily dedicated team at its heart, and will surely serve its patients and the city of Alameda, California well for many years to come.

Left to right: Rick Williams, Field Sales Consultant; Steve Aaron, Equipment Sales Specialist; Kevin Youngquist, Lead Installation Technician; Keith Wilson, Regional General Manager; Dr. Terecita Dean