The True Cost of Dental Equipment

To get your money’s worth, look beyond the price tag.

If you’re feeling pressure to get the most out of your equipment budget, it can be tempting to hone in on price alone when making a purchase. But as many have learned the hard way, “low price” and “excellent value” aren’t necessarily the same thing. Saving a few dollars up front may not be the best decision for your practice.

Total cost of ownership
The true cost of dental equipment goes beyond the purchase price. A-dec calls it the “total cost of ownership.” Think of it this way:

Cost of acquisition + Cost of operation + Cost of maintenance
It can take a lot of time and research to find the right equipment. While initial discussions will likely be about the purchase price, consider reliability, maintenance, downtime, parts availability, and lead times—all factors that contribute to the total cost of ownership. Are you looking for the lowest price or the best long-term value? The answer can have a significant financial impact on your practice.

The value of reliability
A-dec equipment is legendary for its quality. In fact, dentists consistently rank A-dec highest for reliability, service, and value.* When considering a long-term investment like dental equipment, ask yourself:

  • Is there a local manufacturer’s rep who will be your long-term partner?
  • Can you integrate technology today—and in the future?
  • Are parts readily available long after the warranty period?
  • Has the equipment been tested to last at least 20 years?

A-dec equipment may pencil out to a few extra dollars a day, but with its superior reliability and performance, the total cost of ownership is lower in the long run.

The value of expertise
Even the best products in the world won’t perform well without correct installation. A-dec invests more than any other dental manufacturer to train their authorized dealers, sales, and service personnel. With the most territory managers in the field, your staff will get timely answers about the correct use and maintenance of the equipment. They will even help you develop your own customized training program.

One final consideration
More than 90 percent of dental schools and government institutions in the U.S. and Canada choose A-dec equipment. These purchase decisions, usually made by large buying committees—and frequently after firsthand evaluation of equipment and rigorous scrutiny—are often highly price sensitive. A-dec is not a “low bid” product. Yet, even institutions on fixed or very tight budgets select A-dec more often than any other brand, based on the combination of quality, reliability, and low cost of ownership. It’s simply a better total value.

Your partner in productivity
A-dec solutions offer rich feature sets that support productivity and allow easy integration of ancillary devices. Because just like you, A-dec is committed to giving you and your team the tools to do what you do best.

Legal: *Based on a double-blind survey by Strategic Data Marketing (SDM), 2013

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