The CORE Cost of Ownership

CORE chair unitThe purpose of assessing the Cost of Ownership is looking beyond the short-term purchase price to determine its long-term cost, including operations, maintenance, supplies, team training, repairs, and replacement. The indirect expenses associated with a decent-sized investment can have a significant impact on overall cost.

DentalEZ thought this concept through while developing its CORE Operatory Equipment line, which includes the dental chair, delivery unit, and light system—otherwise known as the CORE of each and every operatory. DentalEZ took the initial cost, plus installation and maintenance costs into consideration while creating and evaluating every design feature of the CORE system. They came up with these upfront solutions: CORE equipment is simple to install, and you can make it simpler by ordering pre-installed umbilicals. The units are straightforward and all components are easy to access, which makes it faster to assemble and repair if necessary. It’s a simple, time-saving process for the installation techs, which saves you money as well as time.

The simplicity and durability of CORE products streamlines maintenance, too. All Components are readily available and simple to replace so your service technician will have them on hand, and you’ll be back up and running quickly. With no scarce parts, and no complex replacement issues, maintenance and repairs are greatly simplified.

As for initial COO purchasing considerations, the above mentioned factors combined with The CORE 5-year limited warranty will help reduce downtime and improve productivity and your bottom line.

For more information on the CORE system by DentalEZ, please click here.