Social Media Checklist


  • Set goals for your social media campaign
  • Know your audience who are you trying to reach-where do you get most of your patients
  • Who will run the campaign
  • How much time are you willing to spend on social media
  • What type of social media will work best for you Examine each thoroughly:
    • Twitter – Fast paced and fairy temporary Collect email or contact information quickly as most people do not stay with Twitter
    • Facebook – More long lasting interaction, a bit slower
    • LinkedIn – Slower paced, more professional to professional interaction
  • Set benchmarks for your efforts.
  • Set an information posting schedule. This will make it easier to manage


  • Make sure your website and Google local listing is up and functioning
  • Be sure to obey State and Local advertising guidelines for dentists
  • Obey all HIPPAA policies
  • Have guidelines in place for staff interaction and subject matter that can be posted
  • Set up real world referrals to your social media profiles
    • Links from your website
    • Links from  your email signature
    • Mentions from your staff in the office
    • Links on your business cards
    • Signs or posters in the office
    • Links within your Google Profiles

Suggestions for All Social Media Profiles

  • Use Smiling pictures
    • No Logos or pictures of buildings
      Studies prove that people are more likely to connect with a smiling face
  • Be interesting and unique
  • Be yourself and show that you are a real person
  • When talking about business, use key words that sound like natural speech
  • Use Google keyword to determine the most popular search terms for your area
  • Be genuine, don’t talk about dentistry all the time. Discuss community items and interests that others would like to hear about
  • End of positive note, don’t talk about the bad economy
  • Don’t worry about numbers! Even if you had 4000 followers, you would never be able to keep up with all of them


  • Start a persona profile. Fill out online the information you are comfortable with.
  • Set Privacy levels to your comfort level
  • Create lists to classify your friends
  • Create an official fan page for your dental office or business
  • Office Facebook fan pages
    • Use a smiling picture of yourself or your staff, making sure there are people in the photo
    • Create a keyword filled description of your practice including address and web address
    • Capture a custom url, for example “” once your get 25 fans. This can be claimed at
    • Schedule your content
    • Don’t post more than twice a day
    • Post your visual content like photos, videos or links
    • Become a source of great information so your fans look to you
    • Start with friends and family
    • Consider use of Facebook Ads


  • Create a username propel will recognize and will make a useful web address i.e. “”
  • Fill our profile information including website. Tell about yourself without emphasizing dentistry.
  • Connect with people in the community. Don’t focus on numbers or people who will not be patients.
  • Make meaningful connections, avoid marketers and spammers.
  • Try to post full length links
  • Post Interesting content. But don’t talk about dentistry all the time


  • Video names should include keywords
  • Use these same keywords in the description of the video
  • Include your web address first in the video description
  • Get as many people as possible to view and comment on the video in first 24-48 hours
  • Include a call to action and description i.e. “Make an appointment now”
  • Make sure your web address has a prominent location in the video
  • Create a custom channel that is branded to your practice


  • Fill out profile with natural speech keywords
  • Join local groups and organizations
  • Start with people that you know and build from there
  • Reach out to business owners around your practice
  • Reach out human resource managers in nearby companies (They often know about the dental plans)


  • Start a blog, start a blog, start a blog
    Create blog posts that inform, educate and entertain
    Blog posts can be short
    Include  videos and pictures often to enrich content
    Blog posts should be keyword rich titles
    Encourage comments on your blog posts and comment on others’ blogs
    Include keyword tags and your web address where possible.