Signature Endodontics

From its exterior’s stucco walls and tile-roofed Spanish-style architecture to its sophisticated interior with a strong Art Deco feel and the latest in technology—the office is a “keeper.”

Left to right: Rich Koffron, Field Sales Consultant; Mike Dukes, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Samual Ip; Russ Baker, Zone Manager

Mike Dukes, Sullivan-Schein Equipment Sales Specialist, guided the project for Signature Endodontics. He worked through the budget constraints and with input from Genevieve Cicero, CAD Specialist, and set about configuring a space that would stand up to Dr. Ip’s present and future practice needs. Mike was instrumental in accelerating the project’s progress by introducing Dr. Ip to another satisfied Sullivan-Schein customer, Dr. Jeffrey Barrera of Arbours Aesthetic Dentistry. As it turned out, they became neighbors—housed in the same beautiful office complex.

The office is clearly stress reducing. Luscious dark wood cabinetry, chocolate brown carpeting and natural tile flooring, modern art (created by Dr. Ip’s wife!), and dramatic floral arrangements offer an artistic and aesthetically pleasing environment for patients and staff. The facility was strategically planned to offer excellent traffic flow with easy, unfettered access throughout. The well-thought-out office is state-of-the-art technologically—a perfect workspace for managing a busy schedule with ease and providing patients with superlative treatment.

Dental practices need to satisfy their patients. Patient-centered care is based on the effective and timely use of the dental office’s resources to fulfill practice goals and communicate the investment the doctor has made in creating the proper environment for comfortable, successful treatment. The well-planned office blends all of these elements in a synergetic manner, resulting in optimal patient care, best use of staff’s capabilities, and patients who return and also refer the doctor’s services to others.

Dr. Ip’s need to independently express his professional perspective has proven to be on target. The office has already incorporated new staff members, and will receive the continuing support of Sullivan-Schein’s experts in successfully accomplishing all its practice goals.