Shrewsbury & Associates, PSC Family Dentistry

Ronald G. Shrewsbury, D.M.D.

The new office boasts 14 operatories (count ’em!), 3 dentists, 5 full-time hygienists/ 1 part-time hygienist, 5 assistants, and plenty of space—specifically 7,600-sq. ft. of space—for an amazing and efficiently designed workspace that “finishes first” against the competition.

The property had become available at an earlier date, and was purchased with the idea that it could used to expand for a third time at the current location—and obtain much-needed parking space. Shutting down for new construction didn’t seem like a cost-effective move, and the conglomeration of old infrastructure would leave a less than desirable result. It was then that the possibility of building an entirely new structure on the adjacent lot was considered.

Left to right: Steve Wesley, Equipment Service Technician; Shaun Taylor, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Ron Shrewsbury; Dr. John Oliver; Joe Gurskey, Regional Manager; Brian Yost, Technology Sales Specialist; Jamie Keith, Equipment Sales Specialist

“The growth of Dr. Shrewsbury’s practice called for expansion,” comments Equipment Sales Specialist Jamie Keith. “His existing facility had been added onto twice…and was starting to look dated. The equipment choices for the office will allow the growth and change that are necessary for reaching practice goals, without creating additional stress on the Doctors, their staff, and patients.” Jamie took Dr. Shrewsbury on a tour of Pelton & Crane’s plant and factory showroom. Their discussions covered many relevant aspects of the equipment and how certain choices would bring him closer to optimizing his practice’s potential for increased productivity and efficiency as well as enhanced revenues and greater patient satisfaction. “I was satisfied with the quality of the Pelton & Crane line of equipment, which is important when making such an investment,” notes Dr. Shrewsbury.

“We toured the plant and went through the showroom to look at some of the setups for operatories and layouts. After returning to Kentucky, I met with the team at Henry Schein’s Louisville facility where they presented various scenarios for my new office.”

With the basic floor plan now well in hand, the Doctor turned to builders and architects to negotiate the new facility’s layout. “Knowing my family’s love of horses—my wife Jennifer’s father had two horses that ran in the 2007 Kentucky Derby— my project architect, Steve Tracey, came up with a long, rectangular structure similar in design to a horse barn with an oval business inside,” comments Dr. Shrewsbury. “The Solaris sterilization center was placed in the middle of the 14 operatories. We are very proud of the center…and decided to place it in an open format so the patients can easily see the attention that is paid to this process.”

One of Dr. Shrewsbury’s patients, a professional photographer, captured some images of horses from the family horse farm, which are showcased on the walls of the office. The operatories’ 10-ft. ceilings enhance the feel of spaciousness with lots of bright light pouring in from their large windows. The office design allows optimal traffic flow to satisfy the daily round of visiting patients and busy staff activities.

Shrewsbury & Associates Family Dentistry is an “easy winner,” in fact it was ahead from the starting bell with its advanced technologies and sleek, elemental good looks. The new facility will allow Dr. Shrewsbury and staff the opportunity to deliver high-quality dental healthcare in an environment that fully supports their philosophy of patient care.