Say “Hello” to DEXIS Mac®

By Poornima Gopalakrishnan, Product Manager for Dexis

As product managers, we gather information from many sources before we decide to develop new products. We watch trends to see how we can continue to offer relevant products. Lately, we’ve observed an increasing adoption of Apple® devices in the dental field. We want to be on the forefront of helping to meet dentists’ needs who are moving to this platform, so it’s only natural that as a leader in digital radiography, we would expand our DEXIS® Imaging Suite of products to include Mac.

One important source of information is our dentists. We listen to what our doctors want to see in next-generation products. Many have told us that computer platform is often a deciding factor in the software they choose to implement. While some dental professionals gravitate towards PC-based platforms, others are fiercely loyal to the Apple Mac. One thing is for sure; we kept hearing the resounding request, “We need a product that works on a Mac!”

In response, we created DEXIS Mac. This beautifully crafted software delivers the level of experience that Mac users have come to expect, that is combined with tried-and-true image management and enhancement tools that are hallmarks of DEXIS. Plus, this solution brings the award-winning DEXIS Platinum sensor and its remarkable image quality to the Mac platform.

The new DEXIS Mac interface is a clean, simple, elegant experience in every sense.

With DEXIS Mac, we focused on three key attributes:
Ease of use — Whether you’re taking intra-oral X-rays or working with images, DEXIS Mac is very intuitive and simple for a doctor and the team to use. The software features a context-sensitive user interface that presents clinicians with only those tools and functions or “smart buttons” that are required to complete a given step. This reduces clutter and allows more focused attention to the relevant task. The new DEXIS Mac interface is a clean, simple, elegant experience in every sense.

Fast workflow — Our goal was to bring the best features of DEXIS Imaging Suite over to
DEXIS Mac. In doing so, we have managed to keep X-ray acquisition and image enhancement as fast operations. When workflow is this quick and efficient, it is more convenient for both dentists’ and their patients’ schedules.

Ease of integration — Offices that use Dexis PC-based software have been raving about our new mobile applications, DEXIS go and DEXIS photo. And now, DEXIS Mac owners can experience these integrated tools as well. Plus, DEXIS Mac seamlessly integrates with Mac-based practice management programs including Viive™ of Henry Schein Dental Practice Solutions. These elements all come together to enhance the daily workflow of our owners.

At DEXIS, we watch and listen and develop products that provide dentists with easier and more effective ways to improve dental care. We are proud to offer this native Mac software product that allows our owners to have the DEXIS imaging experience on their favorite computer platform.