Roger M. Harris III Family Dentistry

Greer, South Carolina

As small business owners, dentists have the same concerns that any company might—along with the specialized clinical demands of an oral health care provider. When all the elements dovetail perfectly, Doctor, staff, and patients reap the benefits of the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

In November 2010, Roger M. Harris III Family Dentistry relocated from Greenville to Greer, South Carolina to pursue a re-energized vision for the practice. With the old office’s lease coming to an end and the need for more space and better visibility—the time had come to move toward a whole new dimension for the business. What took shape gave everything that great design and planning and new technologies could deliver—superior ergonomics, enhanced potential for treatment options, the ability to successfully expand the patient base, and more stress-free workdays.

“During the creation of my new office, I worked with my Sales Consultants to troubleshoot many aspects of the process,” points out Dr. Harris.

A unique and eye-catching Craftsman-style building is the new home of Dr. Harris’s practice. Natural stone, roofline wooden brackets, and porthole and Palladian windows are just some of the charming architectural details that define the exterior. Interior design elements include modern, dark wood furniture, marble countertops, and carpeted floors in the reception area and hallways, producing the relaxed feel of a living room. There is a coffee bar and wall-mounted TV monitors with easy viewing for patients who are awaiting treatment.

The clinical spaces include 6 operatories; glass quiet rooms used for sedation; a stericenter; and Cubex station for inventory control. Product lines were chosen from Pelton & Crane, Dentrix, KaVo, Air Techniques, SciCan, and Lava COS. All the operatories are equipped the same to facilitate convenient treatment. “The equipment chosen was the best all the way around for Dr. Harris,” notes Equipment Sales Specialist Stephen Raley. “He wanted a high-end, low-stress environment…Pelton & Crane had everything he needed. Field Sales Consultant Kirk Greenway also assisted in the creation of the office. It’s a great showpiece. A very nice-looking office with lots of high-tech equipment!”

Henry Schein Dental’s Sales Specialists stay on top of the latest industry changes and patient trends, using that knowledge to develop state-of-the-art planning for dentists who look toward upgrading their practices to fulfill their business goals.“During the creation of my new office, I worked with my Sales Consultants to troubleshoot many aspects of the process,” points out Dr. Harris. “We reviewed what I liked about the designs and what I wanted to change. Stephen and Kirk sat down and listened to my concerns and what I hoped to achieve in the office. I also went with Stephen and Kirk to a Pelton & Crane’s VIP course, ‘Driven to Excellence,’ which helps you uncover the elements that will support your practice’s growth.”

Left to right: Becky Harms, Pam Lassiter, Dr. Roger M. Harris III, Trey Harris, Letitia Skinner, Renee Wooten, Lisa Furmanek, Sarah Kirby, and Julie Pierce.

Left to right: Equipment Service Technician Britt Surles; Equipment Sales Specialist Stephen Raley; Dr. Roger M. Harris III; Field Sales Consultant Kirk Greenway; Digital Technology Specialist Tom Hindmarsh; Regional Manager Russ Baker

With the office’s vision projected and reinforced by its investments in modern technology and the latest in patient treatment options as well as an environment that caters to the comfort of clients and staff, the mood is upbeat and positive. The practice’s new patient count went from 25 to 60 in just one month. “Referrals are tremendous,” notes Dr. Harris. “Don’t be afraid of change…get connected with your Henry Schein Sales Specialists…I could not have done this without them!”

Featured Equipment:

Accutron Digital Flush Mount Flowmeters
Air Techniques Polaris Intraoral Camera System
Air Techniques Spectra Caries Detection Camera System
Cubex 2000 Inventory Management System
Dentrix Practice Management System
DEXIS Digital Sensors
Gendex Expert DC Intra Oral X-rays
KaVo COMFORTdrive Handpiece System
KaVo Quattrocare Maintenance System
Midmark M-11 Ultraclave
Pelton & Crane Solaris Sterilization System
Pelton & Crane Renaissance 12 O’clock Cabinet
Pelton & Crane Renaissance Doctor Side Cabinet
Pelton & Crane Renaissance Assistant Side Cabinet
Pelton & Crane 3003 Chair w/ Ergo Soothe Massage Feature
Pelton & Crane 3800 Rear Delivery
Pelton & Crane Helios 3000 Light
Pelton & Crane Doctor Stool 2003
Pelton & Crane Assistant Stool 2004
SciCan Hydrim Instrument Washer 24
Soredex Novus Digital Panoramic

Designed by: Tom King,
Henry Schein National Design Group