Renewed Passion..."Moore Smiles Dentistry"


“For the past eight years, I had been a partner in a nice general practice. Yet, it wasn’t what I wanted. My situation was not really what I felt was ideal for me…I wanted something that felt like home [not a clinic]…[and] to focus on cosmetic dentistry and making patients feel better about themselves,” comments Dr. Moore. “After talking to Bobby Manuel, Equipment Sales Specialist, I realized that this was my chance to start afresh. You could say that talking to Bobby sparked the whole process. I shared my vision…and explained that I wanted a state-of-theart office that had a very comfortable and serene feeling,” she adds.

Dr. Moore had initially wanted a freestanding building for her new office, however, delays made it difficult to move the project forward in a timely manner. She instead chose to locate the new office in a strip mall. After investigating the demographics of the area, she found that the area was optimal for her needs.

Heather Thekan of Sullivan-Schein’s design department used the architectural plans previously intended for the freestanding building, and altered them to achieve the same layout preferred by Dr. Moore without compromising the design features. “Bobby helped me pick out the cabinetry, fixtures, and equipment; provided on-site guidance to the contractor during the build-out process. Jerry Walters met with me and my staff to ensure that we had all the necessary supplies in place for the start of my new office,” notes Dr. Moore.

Come in, sit down, and relax! Every corner of Moore Smiles Dentistry reveals its detailed planning and focus on Dr. Moore’s emphasis on comfortable, stress-reducing surroundings and extraordinary patient care. The reception area’s leather couches, crackling fire in the fireplace, gourmet coffee station, original art from a local talent, and water feature at the entrance to the operatory areas are a clear giveaway that this office has gone to the max to ensure the patient has a treatment experience that is far above the average.

Soft lamplight in the waiting area heightens the soothing effect of the office’s color palette. The dark hardwood floors and mahogany-paneled front desk contrast beautifully with the oldworld effect of the warm gold faux-painted walls. You’ll find a smattering of antique furniture throughout—and operatories that do double service as “gallery space” for original oil paintings created by one of Dr. Moore’s patients. The warm, Tuscan theme of the paintings blends perfectly with the office’s style.

Moore Smiles Dentistry’s space is 3,000-sq. feet, housing 5 operatories: 2 for hygiene, 2 for restorative work, 1 for part-time hygiene, and a flow-over room for emergencies. “I am currently the only dentist,” says Dr. Moore. “…Right now I am really enjoying making all the decisions myself. There is a lot to be said for having a small, laid-back environment where patients feel at home.”

“I adore my staff, and feel that we have a perfect mesh of people. That can be hard to obtain,” notes the Doctor. The staff of eight has a unanimous response to the new office, “Overwhelmingly positive!” she beams. ”We feel proud of our office—and patients compliment the surroundings every day. I wanted to change people’s view of the dental experience. I really believe that in changing the esthetics of the surroundings, I have changed the way that our patients and myself look at dentistry. They see that we have created a calm, beautiful environment, and their reaction has been awesome,” she notes.

Dr. Moore has discovered a whole new level of professional fulfillment and renewed vigor through the new office. Daily activities have been redefined, and are better organized due to the strategically designed floor plan that saves footsteps and allows greater productivity. “One of the amazing things is that I seem to work less and production has increased…and, our new patient numbers have doubled,” remarks Dr. Moore.

Moore Smiles Dentistry is positioned to achieve its practice goals more effectively in the beautiful new space—while Dr. Moore looks forward to the future with rewards on many levels. “This has been one of the best decisions of my life. Before, I was happy, but not fulfilled. [Now] I have more time with my kids, and have regained the passion for my job.”

Left to right: Jerry Walters, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Susanne Moore, Bobby Manuel, Equipment Sales Specialist; Todd Carter, Regional General Manager; Larry Foster; Equipment Service Technician

Dr. Moore’s advice to those contemplating similar changes is filled with confidence and inspiration— “If you have a dream, the best way to make it become a reality is simply to put the wheels in motion!”