Premier Dentistry

“I wanted independence,” notes Dr. Daniel M. Casel when asked what the predominant reason was for opening his new office, Premier Dentistry.

“I had practiced in the old office for 8 years and was part owner,” he continues. “But I was a minority partner there. I wanted to be closer to home and lose the contractual restrictions I was bound by in the previous office.” Thus began a whole new chapter in Dr. Casel’s professional life. As the saying goes…it was definitely time for a change! Timing is, of course, extremely important and so is planning when considering a change as important as the one Dr. Casel had in mind. The Doctor contacted his Sullivan-Schein Sales Consultant, Jayme Amos who put him in touch with Regional Manager Sharon Mascetti and Equipment Sales Specialist Elaine French to begin the process. Potential locations for the new facility were toured and demographics were analyzed for their ability to meet the Doctor’s overall plan for his practice and its capability to provide a treatment environment that best serves patients and staff while effectively growing the business.

Once the new building site was chosen, the Sullivan-Schein team went to work putting together the technology and equipment that would help the office function at an optimal level. Both Doctor and staff must stay on schedule and provide all the services necessary to ensure that the business meets its goals both financially and philosophically. During a typical day, a practice revolves around several “hubs” of activity.

From reception desk to checkout, every activity needs the proper choreography to keep the practice humming. Sullivan- Schein’s specialists are experts at customizing floor plans that meet the unique needs of each dental office. The efficient use of space and critical attention to layout, design elements, and ergonomics result in less stress and more productivity in the dental office—an absolute necessity in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Sullivan-Schein provided office design, equipment, supplies, and financing through Henry Schein Financial Services. “Elaine French was exceptional,” comments Dr. Cabot. “And, Henry Schein Financial Services was a excellent experience and very helpful in achieving the project’s financial requirements.”

Premier Dental is a head-turner. Its 9- and 10-ft. ceilings add vertical volume and openness to the office, making it seem even larger than its 2,400-sq. feet. The motif throughout is traditional and elegant. The subtle, sophisticated colors used on carpeting and wall covering play well with the rich, dark woodwork and cabinetry. Its 6 operatories are “fully loaded” with an impressive array of high-tech equipment to support the facility’s projected patient services, which includes enhanced treatment options in cosmetic dentistry.

Left to right: Sharon Mascetti, Regional Sales Manager; Elaine French, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Daniel Casel; Jayme Amos, Field Sales Consultant.

“The new office provides Doctor, staff, and patients with a comfortable, nonstressful work and treatment environment,” adds Elaine French. “Its ‘non-dental’ feel instantly puts patients at ease and the staff benefits on a daily basis from the ergonomically effective and highly efficient layout.”

Dr. Casel can now fully realize the rewards of his independence. “Since opening the office…we have averaged about 50 new patients a month—many of which are interested in cosmetic dentistry,” he notes. His advice to others who wish to take on similar endeavors, “Take time, listen to advice and suggestions, and trust Sullivan-Schein—this is what they do!”