Pompeii Dentistry...The Perfect Merger of Old-World Charm and Modern High

Historical information and artifacts continue to emerge from Pompeii, the ancient Roman city that was silenced by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 76 A.D. But, this ancient world comes alive again at Pompeii Dentistry, Dr. Roberto Palmieri’s beautiful new office in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Patients are immediately swept into the office’s well-defined theme. Classical columns adorn the reception area. Its mosaic-and-tile countertop sets the pace for the many authentic details that follow. The marble and porcelain floor tiles are cool and inviting, and flow smoothly into the hallways of the facility. Roughtextured, color-washed plaster walls in warm golden and verdant tones echo the style of the excavated buildings of the Roman era, and are found throughout the reception area, hallways, and operatories. The office’s wall décor exhibits the classical approach, with fresco-like art, sconce vases, and the Greek key border set  midway up the walls. Barrel-vaulted hallway ceilings have been painted in dark tones to heighten their dramatic effect. Entries to the operatories are hung with a drapery-length curtain of fabric in rich jewel tones. Swagged lengths of material adorn the operatories’ windows, adding an air of sophistication and sensuality that is carried through the office’s highly stylized interior.

Left to right: Gene Bost, Equipment Sales Specialist; Brian Shue, Field Sales Specialist; Dr. Roberto Palmieri; Bernard Bryant, Equipment Sales Technician.

Pompeii Dentistry spans the centuries admirably with its array of high-tech equipment. Patients can revel in the palpable historical architectural and design elements, and receive the best dental care possible simultaneously. Approximately 2,500-sq. ft. of space house the 5-operatory facility. The efficient floor plan includes equipment from manufacturers such as Midmark, Gendex, and Belmont. The office is a first for Dr. Palmieri. He decided to create a start-up practice, finding that it made the most business sense, and chose to work with Sullivan-Schein to accomplish these goals. “I ultimately chose Sullivan-Schein after meeting with {all} the dental equipment/supply companies…they gave us the most practical advice…and were persistent and attentive… they made us feel they cared about our practice–more than any of the other companies we had dealt with,” remarks Dr. Palmieri.