Picture Yourself in a Beautiful New Dental Practice

When you’re working in the same space day after day, it’s easy to stop “seeing” how your dental practice comes across to your patients. So take a moment to look around with fresh eyes. Does your practice accurately reflect your personality, your professionalism, and your commitment to a pleasant patient experience?

Dental Practice PictureIs your:

  • Practice up to date and modern, or does it have a tired look and feel?
  • Design improving your efficiency or holding you back?
  • Practice a comfortable place for both patients and staff?

Most importantly, are you ready for something better?

No matter how long you’ve been in your current space, chances are you can identify at least one—or more—updates that you’d like to see happen. And there’s a very good reason to make changes: A well-designed practice is more than just a better place to work. It has economic benefits as well.

An A-dec survey of 20 dentists who had recently updated their operatories confirmed it*. All 20 dentists reported increases in the number of patients and in overall staff productivity, while 17 saw increases in both case acceptance and total collections after their remodels. And all agreed that their new, improved spaces increased their enjoyment of dentistry.


*2013 A-dec Study

Originally published on www.sidekickmag.com.