New Horizon Family Dental Care (NHFDC)

NHFDC is housed in a renovated space previously used as a doctor’s office. The 6,000-sq. ft. acility accommodates 13 operatories with professional services provided by a staff of 2 dentists and 2 assistants. Community needs and backing from numerous public, private, corporate, and foundation partners made the creation of the NHFDC possible.

Marion Stokes, Equipment Sales Specialist; Mike Templeton, Field Sales Consultant; Will anister,Equipment Service Technician; Bryan Allem, Regional Manager-South Carolina; and Dave Luckenbaugh, Regional Manager-Special Markets/Equipment brought heir diverse skills to the project, offering facility design, supply and equipment acquisition-plus support and advice during each phase of the transformation. “Everyone involved from Henry Schein Dental stressed how important it was to us to help New Horizon achieve their goals…they felt we were truly [their] partner in the endeavor,” notes Marion Stokes. “We offered total involvement…from our local team…and on the corporate level. [NHFDC appreciated the fact that] we could be a complete source for all their needs.”

NHFDC needed dependable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing equipment. Pelton & Crane met the standards required and also backed the equipment with a 5-year warranty, helping to maximize the facility’s budget. The clean, modern appearance of the facility and its equipment creates an environment that reduces stress- a necessity for successful treatment.

“New Horizon began to realize their increased productivity almost immediately,” adds Marion Stokes. “The overall appearance of the facility and equipment are something that NHFDC and Henry Schein Dental are very proud of. The new equipment and systems investedin make all staff members more roductive…they are able to treat more patients…very comfortably. This facility will enable treatment of the underserved population in a first-class environment.”

NHFDC now receives increased referrals from community-based health and human services providers.

They operate more efficiently with greatly enhanced quality of care for their patients. Staff and doctors concur that the center has positively increased access to care forthe community’s most vulnerable residents, including children, the homeless, seniors, HIV/AIDS patients, those covered by Medicaid, and the uninsured.

The clinic’s future plans include a dental residency program and expanded pediatric services. The new facility can confidently look forward to fulfilling all their goals-and better serving all who depend on their enthusiasm and dedication.