Nash Institute of Dental Learning

Dr. Nash began teaching in 1982, conducting his Over the Shoulder Programs in his office. After relocating in 1996, he incorporated a teaching area into his practice and, when he outgrew that space, he bought the building and reoriented the setup, using the first floor for the teaching facility and the second floor for the practice area. Once again, there was a need for expansion. The teaching programs had evolved and were receiving national attention—drawing more and more doctors who wanted to experience Dr. Nash’s pioneering approach to Esthetic Dentistry.

In 1995, Dr. Nash and practice-management specialist, Debra Engelhardt-Nash, combined their expertise and transitioned the vision of the enterprise to include her specialty as well, creating the Nash Institute of Dental Learning. Its most recent expansion resulted in the 9,000-sq. ft. facility in the Southpark Center of Urban Living, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The new office’s high-tech operatories include state-of-the-art instrumentation for patient treatment and the latest in audiovisual equipment. The teaching center includes an onsite laboratory and a sponsor room, where representatives can work with doctors in explaining and understanding their products. “Tim Jones literally designed the clinical facility,” comments Dr. Nash. “I have known him for 29 years. Choosing him to work with was key for me. The choice proved to be one I was very happy with. Service is high on my list of priorities—and it could not be better than it has been with Henry Schein Dental.”

The Nash Institute’s floor plan is ideal for its many activities. Sleek, contemporary furnishings and cabinetry offer a perfect merger of style and ergonomic sensibility. Wood floors; soft, earthy paint and carpet tones; and original artwork by local talents make the decor inviting to all who visit the office. “Patients are aware they are in a teaching facility, but still feel comfortable,” remarks Dr. Nash. “We have 35 doctor stations for hands-on training and a teaching room that can be used for 60 students or converted to space for 30 more hands-on trainees. Our main focus is on Esthetics dentistry and team training.”

“It is a pleasure to come to work in our new office,” adds Dr. Nash. “We take great pride in our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility…which is congruent with the quality of care we seek to provide. We now have all the space we need to do our jobs well.”

Back row, left to right: Scott Carringer, Regional General Manager; Gene Bost, Equipment Sales Specialist; Pete Foster, Vice President of Sales, Pelton & Crane; Jay Barringer, Equipment Sales Specialist; Danny Collins, Equipment Service Technician
Front row, left to right: Tim Jones, Zone General Manager; Dr.Ross Nash; Vicente Reynal, President Pelton & Crane