Midwestern University Dental Institute

Glendale, Arizona

The Dental Institute is located on the Midwestern University Campus in Glendale, Arizona. With 242 chairs and 99,000-sq. ft. of space, the facility is a monumental resource dedicated to the betterment of oral health care for a wide variety of patients in the area. A feasibility study was begun in 2005 by the administrative team at MWU and, after studying the metrics, determined that there was significant need for a new dental school in the state of Arizona. Construction of the Dental Institute began in November 2009; was completed in February 2010; and opened for operations in July 2010.

The focus of the Dental Institute is educationally based to train men and women entering the profession to provide comprehensive care. All faculty members are clinicians with from 12 to 40 years of clinical experience and will educate the Institute’s students with an emphasis on patient-centered delivery of quality dental care. The facility has 50 faculty members, 64 staff members, and a total of 111 student dentists, which is anticipated to double by June 2011.

The three-story building is based on a private-practice model, and is configured into 10 “suites” with 20 chairs in each suite for 200 operatories for general patient care; 12 operatories devoted to pediatric dentistry; an imaging center for X-rays; 2 surgical suites for dental implants and surgical extraction of teeth; 2 special needs operatories—one with a wheelchair lift; and 25 additional operatories dedicated to specialty care. All newly accepted patients are assigned to a suite and report to that suite for their care. Any financial dealings and future appointments are made in their assigned suites, which prevents bottlenecking at the reception desk in the waiting area.With patient care provided comprehensively by clinicians assigned to each suite, patients receive total care without the need to move to different areas for treatment. Just as in a private practice, complicated treatments are referred to the special facility housed on the lower floor of the Institute so all care is in one location.

“Midwestern University’s new Dental Institute has an efficient and innovative design that effectively supports its vision of success in providing excellent patient care while sustaining a top-quality learning environment that will help many aspiring professionals reach their goals each year.”

Several members of the administrative team had worked with specialists from Henry Schein Dental in the past and knew the level of their expertise in supporting projects with dynamics such as would be required for the Dental Institute. From inception to completion, Henry Schein Dental’s Special Markets team interfaced with our local Henry Schein Dental group to develop plans that would perfectly fit MWU’s complex and diversified needs. Managing all aspects of this facility’s requirements demanded a broad spectrum of skills and technical knowledge that is only seen during a project of this girth. Henry Schein Dental’s team of professionals included: Special Markets Regional Manager/Community Health Liaison Andrea Hight; Special Markets Manager Randy Kofron; and Special Markets Equipment Director Chuck Jenkins. Business Development Manager Keith Gauzza worked with Director of Schools John Bellero to set up essential supply orders for the facility.

“This was the first dental school to be established by Midwestern University,” notes Randy Kofron. “We made several presentations to University leadership…and were given the opportunity to review and comment on the design. We provided technical guidance, working closely with MWU’s leadership. Extensive research on technical issues was needed because of the project’s enormity. Our team worked in partnership with MWU to solve challenges that arose during the process—creating ways to develop more efficient and cost-saving approaches to equipment choices and construction demands.”

Since beginning its operations, the Dental Institute has provided over thirteen thousand appointments to patients, including periodontal care, fillings, root canals, implants, partials, and dentures. The impressive workflow and high level of efficiency during daily operations is a real asset to staff and patients. Without the restrictions of individual departments, patients are seen quickly. Materials and supplies needed for treatment are delivered to student doctors each day prior to the patient visit, preventing delays and reducing stress. Chair-side scheduling is a big plus—no waiting in line to make the next appointment.

Left to right: Front row–Dr. James Pashayan, Assistant Dean, Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine/Arizona; Dr. Dennis Paulson, Vice President and CAO, Midwestern University; Dr.Kathleen Goeppinger, President and CEO, Midwestern University; Dr. Russell Gilpatrick, Dean, Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine/Arizona; Dr. Arthur Dobbelaere, Executive Vice President and COO, Midwestern University | Left to right: Second row: Randy Kofron, Southwest Regional Special Markets Manager; Kevin Upchurch, Regional Manager; Mary Kellar, Special Markets Manager; Andrea Hight Special Markets Manager/Community Health Liaison | Left to right: Third row: Fernando Maldonado, Project Coordinator; Stephen Weyenberg, Regional Operations Manager; Steven Cardot, Project Coordinator Henry Schein Dental

“We are excited about being located in Glendale and appreciate the opportunity to provide quality dental care for the residents of the greater Phoenix area,” comments the Institute’s Assistant Dean Dr. James Pashayan. “This is a team effort to provide the best possible health care service to our patients. It is a pleasure to work with our faculty and staff and to see the educational growth and development of our students. As our next class enters, we will be able to increase the volume of patient visits. Our expectation is that we will shortly open an additional 120 chairs for treatment.”

“Midwestern University’s new Dental Institute has an efficient and innovative design that effectively supports its vision of success in providing excellent patient care while sustaining a top-quality learning environment that will help many aspiring professionals reach their goals each year,” notes Randy Kofron. “Henry Schein Dental is proud to have been an integral part
of this project. The facility is beautiful, functional, and technologically ahead of the curve. It is well equipped to serve its community, students, and faculty for many years to come.”

Featured Equipment:

DEXIS Digital Sensors
DEXIS Intraoral Camera
E4D Dentist
Gendex 9200 Digital Panoramic
i-CAT 3D Cone Beam
Midmark Chairs, Units and Lights