Main Street Pediatric Dentistry Tuckahoe, New York

Dr. Penny Resnick-Graulich

The waiting room and hallways resemble the interior of a submarine, incorporating the elements of stylized metal-clad walls, floors, and countertops; authentic-looking lighting fixtures; and scuba-gear placed whimsically throughout.

The main treatment room truly brings home the feel of being underwater by the use of window-like wall murals depicting playful sea creatures and an amused, snorkeling boy stopping to gaze into the room as they pass by.

“I want children to like coming to the dentist, not fear it. By creating a warm, comfortable space…they are relaxed and entertained. It defuses what can be a stressful situation.”

The same charm and high level of creativity can be seen in the remaining operatories as well. Delightful and amusing displays of fantasy and real animation artistically adorn the rooms’ walls, inciting smiles and laughter from viewers. Yes, that is a charging rhinoceros crashing through the wall!

Before this new office came to fruition, Dr. Resnick-Graulich had worked continuously to respond to her practice’s evolution. Her 26-year professional progression has moved from a rented space that was operated for 2 days a week to today’s 1,950-sq. foot, 4-operatory new office with technologies that ensure top-of-the-line care for her patients in an environment that can be classified as nothing short of spectacular. “I felt that I was ready to create something unique,” notes the Doctor. “I had been keeping up with all the new technologies…and trends in pediatric dentistry. It is no longer sufficient to have a Mickey Mouse poster on the wall but time to create an environment conducive to the children of today. Every detail was thought out with the patient and parent in mind. The waiting room presents each child with a number of different activities, including games, movies, and interactive materials. There is a coffee bar and TV for the parents.”

“I felt that I was ready to create something unique,” notes the Doctor.


The Doctor’s old building offered no hands-on care and parking was a problem. “My lease was expiring; I knew that I needed more space…so I began looking for an appropriate building.
I wanted a place that would be easy for my existing patients to reach; with adequate parking…I picked Tuckahoe, a mere 7 minutes drive from my old location. There is a superintendant on premises and the parking is great.”

After Doctor Resnick-Graulich saw the space, she contacted her Henry Schein Sales Consultants to ask their opinions. “I had worked with Henry Schein in the past and each project has been extremely successful,” notes the Doctor.

“Equipment Sales Specialist Lee Goldstein understands function and has great vision. My Field Sales Consultant Jack Abrams is the best there is. He makes sure that I am kept abreast of all the latest technologies and is very attentive to my needs.”

Dentrix, Pelton & Crane, Gendex, and DEXIS products were just some of the specialized technologies used in the new office. These products will enhance its efficiency and make it possible to confidently look forward to providing increased treatment options to an expanding patient base. Increased space allows for a higher level of efficiency, increased productivity, and better patient flow. There are 2 chairs per bay, which makes it possible for the Doctor to numb one child, who can watch TV, while she works on a patient in the chair nearby. The new office has reduced workday stress for everyone and made scheduling and dealing with emergency cases much easier.

Left to right: Regional Manager Kristen Esler; Equipment Sales Specialist Lee Goldstein; Dr. Penny Resnick-Graulich; Field Sales Consultant Jack Abrams

“What means the most to me about my new office is that it allows me to put my philosophy into practice,” comments the Doctor. “I want children to like coming to the dentist, not fear it. By creating a warm, comfortable space…they are relaxed and entertained. It defuses what can be a stressful situation. I worked closely with my contractor to get the this office looking fresh and unique.”

Main Street Pediatric Dentistry is successfully working toward achieving all its practice goals in a remarkable new space that is upbeat and dedicated to its patients’ every need. The addition of an associate is in the near future.

“My advice for any other dentist building a new office is to
go for it,” adds Dr. Resnick-Graulich. “Build your dream!
We spend so much of our time in our office—it should be an enjoyable place. What works for you is what is important.”

Featured Equipment

Air Techniques AirStar 50
Air Techniques VacStar 50H
DCI Pro30 Units
Dentrix Practice Management Software
DEXIS Digital Sensors
NuStar Chairs
Pelton & Crane Delivery Systems
Pelton & Crane Spirit 1500 & 1800 Chairs
Pelton & Crane Post Lights
Progeny Preva Intraoral X-ray
SciCan Statim 2000, 5000