LayerCompliance® for Dental

By Katie Lay, Co-Founder & Ceo, Caek

LayerCompliance is an affordable, cloud-based tool to help dental offices manage the requirements of HIPAA and implement policies that are tailored to the individual organization. It can help guide the practice through the various areas of HIPAA, including risk analysis, policy and procedures, implementation, and risk management. When used as part of a comprehensive data security program, LayerCompliance can help a practice reduce the risk of non-compliance.

LayerCompliance screenshotThe LayerCompliance Risk Analysis tool can help practices perform the reviews required by the HIPAA Security Rule to uncover potential risks and vulnerabilities to the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the protected health information (PHI) within the practice. Unlike checklists, toolkits, and other products, the LayerCompliance Risk Analysis includes information to help identify reasonable security measures for each organization.

Contrary to what you may find with most other companies, the policies and procedures generated by LayerCompliance are tailored to the practice, not generic templates. With the dynamic Risk Management tool, LayerCompliance will continually assess HIPAA requirements and identify the necessary changes and updates needed over time and assist the user with maintaining up-to-date policies. As the practice evolves, their policy evolves with it. LayerCompliance is there every step of the way to help develop and maintain policies and procedures to fit the organization.

In addition to the creation of policies, LayerCompliance provides the practice with an implementation plan tool based on the risk analysis and selected security options. It facilitates the documentation of HIPAA Security activities and the implementation of the policies and security measures chosen by the user to better serve his or her practice.

When used as part of a comprehensive data security program, LayerCompliance is a tool dental practices can use to help implement and maintain HIPAA compliance. With included unlimited, online HIPAA training for all staff members and unlimited live support, the practice is provided with the tools it needs to assist in lowering the risk of non-compliance.

For information on pricing, services, or HIPAA, or for a free assessment of current HIPAA programs, visit or call 855-801-1125.

Katie Lay
About The Author: Katie Lay is co-founder and CEO of CAEK®, Inc., a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company providing compliance software through its flagship product, LayerCompliance®. Since co-founding CAEK, Ms. Lay has provided HIPAA Security compliance information and education for medical associations, Fortune 500 companies, insurance brokerage firms, public health agencies, and educational seminars. Ms. Lay works closely with CAEK’s team of IT security and HIPAA regulatory compliance experts, including staff members credentialed in Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner (CISSP), Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP), and GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH). Prior to founding CAEK, Ms. Lay held management positions at an EHR company and has more than 10 years’ experience in health care business development and medical and dental sales.

Originally published in Sidekick Magazine.