Lake Oswego Periodontics & Implant Dentistry–Lake Oswego, Oregon

Lake Oswego Periodontics & Implant Dentistry – Lake Oswego, OR

Dr. Matt Hoidal

Dr. Matt Hoidal and his staff work each day in a picturesque setting. Yes, it is a dental office, but it overlooks the tranquil beauty of the Willamette River, which is just outside the windows of his practice, Lake Oswego Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. In an affluent suburb of Portland, Oregon, the 2,370-square-foot space is an inviting and modern office with a Northwest style that ties into the history of the area.

Dark-stained, wide-planked barn wood provides a gorgeous backdrop for the front reception area of Lake Oswego Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Granite and sharp lines offset the rustic elements.

Rustic design elements complement the state-of-the-art technology, establishing a comfortable blend of contrasts. The earthy color palette creates a warm environment, but tucked within that décor is some of the most advanced dental equipment available. Together, the dental office design plans ensure patients have an excellent experience at Lake Oswego Periodontics & Implant Dentistry.

Dated Office Limits Opportunities

It was because of Dr. Hoidal’s desire to offer sophisticated procedures and diagnostics to his periodontics patients that he considered building a new office. In 2008, he purchased a practice from another dentist in downtown Lake Oswego, next to City Hall. It was originally built in the 1960s, and little had been done to update it. The outside of the building needed renovations, the inside was too small to expand and add technology, and repairs were needed immediately on the leaky roof—water was coming in through a light switch! In addition, the space was not accommodating for those with disabilities: the only wheelchair-accessible entrance was through a neighboring dental office. Dr. Hoidal’s lease was up, so he called Henry Schein about building a new office and creating new dental office design plans.

Glass panels separate rooms and add to the contemporary look of the office.

“Each operatory is now more functional as our supplies can be stored in the cabinets within each room,” he notes.
“This leads to a more efficiently run office.”

The four treatment rooms are identical, with Pelton & Crane chairs, Helios 1800 LED lights and custom-built cabinets that hold supplies that are needed close at hand.

Field Sales Representative Amber Hirsch brought in Equipment Sales Specialist Mike Corcoran on the project; Mr. Corcoran immediately referred Dr. Hoidal to a commercial real estate agent with whom he worked frequently so they could find a new location. Genevieve Cicero of Henry Schein’s National Design Group began designing the floor plans.

Large windows bring in sunshine and allow patients to enjoy the outdoors or they can view treatment options on overhead monitors.

Rustic Elements Blend with Modern Technology

Today, Lake Oswego Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, which opened in its new location in September 2012, offers excellent care, more efficient patient flow, and access to the best technology available. The practice sees about 30 patients a day, and in the first year at the new location along the river, production has increased by 8 percent.

The natural beauty of the Willamette River Valley is the inspiration for Lake Oswego’s earthy décor. An asymmetrical hallway with more reclaimed barn wood and glass panels leads patients to the operatories.

The office includes four operatories and one private surgical suite, space for the practice’s new i-CAT Precise Cone Beam CT, a galley-style sterilization center that streamlines work flow, a large waiting area with a dramatic wall fountain made of natural stone and spacious granite-topped check-in desk, and a consultation area. The areas are set apart with a pleasing combination of dark-stained, wide-planked, reclaimed barn wood that lines many of the walls. Complementary glass panels separate individual treatment areas and the consultation room and visually reinforce the doctor’s vision of blending a pleasing atmosphere with advanced dentistry. Oversized wall art adds a vivid, energetic burst of color in an otherwise relaxed color scheme.

According to Dr. Hoidal, patients are thrilled with the state- of-the-art technology, like this i-CAT Precise Cone Beam CT, as well as the comfortable, peaceful environment he has created at Lake Oswego.

Operatories with a View…and Storage

The operatories were designed for both patient comfort and efficiency. Dr. Hoidal toured the Pelton & Crane showroom—just 15 minutes away—with Mr. Corcoran, and chose rich brown leather Spirit 3000 chairs and Helios 1800 LED lights. For the hygiene rooms, he selected the Ellipse 1585 chair-mounted delivery system, and for the remaining two treatment rooms, rear delivery mobile work surfaces.

The uniformity of the design and equipment in each treatment room boosts production any necessary treatment can be done in any room that’s available.

The cabinetry is a rich wood grain that ties into the home-like feel, and it offers generous storage. Each operatory is bright and cheerful and is framed by several large windows that bring in sunlight and provide a spectacular view of the river and surrounding nature. From a practical standpoint, the thoughtful design of the operatories helps Dr. Hoidal and his staff become more productive.

“Each operatory is now more functional as our supplies can be stored in the cabinets within each room,” he notes. “This leads to a more efficiently run office.

The galley-style Solaris Sterilization Center by Pelton & Crane is equipped with Midmark Autoclaves and a SciCan Hydrim. It is situated across the hall from the treatment areas.

Built-in glove dispensers in the 12-o’clock cabinets and automatic, hands-free faucets not only streamline the workflow, but also help to maintain a clean, sterile treatment area. Built into the expanded space is a separate surgical suite that allows for greater privacy, a benefit many patients appreciate. It features a dedicated Instrumentarium Focus intraoral X-ray, and there are two others that are shared by the four remaining operatories. The consultation area, complete with a wall-mounted monitor, is created through the use of a glass wall; it allows the doctor to discuss options as he shows patients their digital images.

“A key to dental implant safety and success is advanced radiography,” says Dr. Hoidal. “A CAT scan ensures that every possible precaution has been made to reduce the risk of involvement of the nerves in the lower jaw, and the sinuses and nose in the upper jaw. This helps to reduce chair time and the possibility of complications.”

Lake Oswego Periodontics is now fully digital, including patient charting. Ceiling-monitors display X-rays so patients actually “see” their diagnosis and understand the reasoning behind Dr. Hoidal’s treatment recommendations.

Rowers practice in the Willamette River just outside of the office.

Sterilization Center Streamlines Workflow

The doctor installed a Solaris sterilization center that keeps up with the practice’s growing patient load.

“The sterilization room is clutter-free and safer for the staff with a hands-free cupboard in which to place dirty instruments,” Dr. Hoidal explains. “The Hydrim has the ability to clean all of our instruments and hygiene instruments in one load.”

A VistaPure water filtration system produces high-quality distilled water for autoclave use or purified water for bottling or drinking.

Overall, every part of the practice, from the waiting area to hygiene and surgery, has been elevated to provide patients with excellent oral health care in a place that makes them feel as comfortable as possible. The new office has also had that effect on the doctor and his staff.

“The staff and I are proud of the office and enjoy coming to work,” he adds. “It’s easy to come to work when each operatory looks on out at the Willamette River. Patients are happy with the increased technology our new space offers and the comfortable and peaceful environment we have created.”

Left to right: Dan Sands, Equipment Service Technician; Amber Hirsch, Field Sales Consultant; Lee Lehman, Regional Operations Manager; Dr. Matt Hoidal; Steve Gunson, Regional Manager; Alex Gordon, Certified Integrated Technician; Mike Corcoran, Equipment & Technology Specialist

Lake Oswego Periodontics & Implant Dentistry
Lake Oswego, OR
Dr. Matt Hoidal
Square Feet: 2,370
Treatment Rooms: 4
Practice Opened: 2012