Kaye Dentistry's Success Is Directly Tied to Technology

Kaye Dentistry – New York, New York | Gary Kaye, DDS, FAGD

Reception area

Muted neutral colors and soft lighting are key elements that create the serene yet modern environment of the office.

Dr. Gary Kaye’s busy reconstructive, cosmetic, and implant dentistry practice is located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York, home to the world’s most well-known ad agencies. That is fitting because Kaye Dentistry is itself a powerful advertisement for how technology can lead a dental practice to monumental success.

“I began my practice in a single 550-square-foot room with one hygienist,” remembered Dr. Kaye as he spoke about his first office, located in New York City’s MetLife Building. “Now I have multiple locations and associates, we are fully digital, and we are enjoying greater success than I could have dreamed of. For the life of me, I can’t understand why dentists don’t rush to integrate technology.”


Dr. Kaye points to the integration of the Planmeca CAD/CAM system for same-day dentistry as the turning point for his practice. Patients know about it and ask for it, and for that reason, he has made it a centerpiece in his practice for patients to watch.

Dr. Kaye had worked in the healthcare industry for 10 years before he went to dental school. Originally from South Africa, he purchased the practice of a retiring dentist in New York City when he graduated. Dr. Kaye described the practice as antiquated; it still relied on paper records, accounting ledgers, and X-ray film. There was not a single computer, and even the chairs and other equipment were dated.

“I was very uncomfortable practicing that way,” admitted Dr. Kaye. “My first decision was to purchase new operatory chairs and then a computer to help manage the business.” Those chairs, incidentally, eventually led to Dr. Kaye working with Henry Schein. When the doctor was ready to relocate to a larger office, the original chair supplier was not willing to move the chairs. Someone recommended Henry Schein to Dr. Kaye, and they agreed to handle it. Dr. Kaye saw the benefit of working with a company that took customer service as seriously as he did.

“Anything that my patients need, I do for them, and that’s the level of service I expect from all of my dental partners,” explained Dr. Kaye.

Kaye Dentistry teatment room

Digital impressions are one of the doctor’s newest technologies, and it has benefited his practice so dramatically that today, his office is nearly impression-free. He believes digital scanning delivers a superior level of patient care.

That has gained Dr. Kaye quite a following. “Dr. Kaye is a very dedicated, heartfelt doctor who gives his full attention to his patients,” said Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant Kevin Resk, who has worked with the doctor for more than 10 years. “He always gives 100% of himself. I know of patients who fly from Europe specifically to see him.”

Imaging area

Although 3D cone beam imaging is the standard of care for implant cases, Dr. Kaye actually finds it just as beneficial for diagnoses because it can illuminate pathology that couldn’t be seen otherwise.

This growing patient load led to a new, larger office. Dr. Kaye relocated his practice to a 1,200-square-foot space on West 54th Street, where he continued to add to his technology by purchasing the Dentrix practice management system and DEXIS digital X-rays. He then bought a CAD/CAM system, but he admits it was a bit of a struggle to use, so he was intrigued when the Planmeca FIT (formerly E4D Technologies) system was introduced. He traveled to Dallas with Henry Schein to see the system in action and was impressed. He describes it as a turning point for his practice.

“That was the tipping point, in my opinion, for my practice. We made the Planmeca FIT system the centerpiece of the practice, and we gained a reputation for same-day dentistry and digital dentistry. The office grew, and after 12 years, we needed more space. We merged with another practice and moved a block to where we are now, on the 17th floor.”

Kaye Dentistry is currently 2,300 square-feet. By year-end, this space, too, will more than double, expanding to 5,000 square-feet, adding four additional operatories, a fully digital lab, and a teaching center.

High Tech, Fully Digital Office

Treatment room

Crisp white walls are softened by the rich chestnut brown leather in the Midmark Elevance chair and the faux wood vinyl flooring.

When patients enter Kaye Dentistry, they are immediately impressed by the facility’s sophistication and professionalism. The color palette is mainly white, neutrals, and black. In contrast to the clean, pure hues on the walls and in the upholstered furniture, the reception desk and floors are a rich, dark brown. Plentiful recessed lighting compliments the minimalist décor.

In this high-rise office, where space is at a premium, the doctor has seven operatories outfitted with Midmark chairs, Pelton & Crane lights, and KaVo electric handpieces. Modern artwork adorns the walls, but it pales in comparison to the spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline that stretch across the numerous, large windows.

If you were to describe the technology in Dr. Kaye’s office, one word would suffice… everything! In addition to the in-office CAD/CAM system and DEXIS digital sensors, he also uses an Instrumentarium Cone Beam CT system daily and said he literally could not practice without it.

“The 3D cone beam system allows me to see pathology that I couldn’t see any other way,” confirmed Dr. Kaye. “I’ve seen thousands of images from this unit, and I’m still amazed! It’s vital for implant planning, but also for diagnoses. It’s one of the things that has changed the way I practice.”

Front Desk

Standing out from the sea of white that surrounds it, the simple, but sophisticated check-in desk greets patients. Behind it, a piece of wall art spells out a single word, “Smile.”

Another technology game changer for Dr. Kaye was the introduction of the intraoral digital scanner, which he began to use in 2013. In just under three years, his practice is nearly impression-free, using both the Planmeca PlanScan and the 3Shape TRIOS scanners.

“Even if a practice is not comfortable with technology, an intraoral digital scanner should be the standard of care today. It doesn’t change the workflow, but it makes your lab communication much more efficient. I also believe it’s a more accurate way to take impressions.”

Dr. Kaye mills most of his restorations in-house with the Planmeca FIT system, which is set up in a visible area of the practice so patients can watch the milling in action. Dr. Kaye does still use an outside lab for complicated or multiple-unit cases. However, in all cases, digital scanning is instrumental to his streamlined workflow. “I can send a digital impression to the lab, and the technician can be working on it before my patient has even left the office,” noted Dr. Kaye, who said adding digital impressions has propelled his high-tech practice to even greater productivity. “The communication between my office and the lab has gone to another level. Patients are telling their friends about it.”

Consultation room

With the practice’s larger footprint, Dr. Kaye was able to dedicate space to a comfortable, spacious consultation room.

Another recent purchase that Dr. Kaye describes as fabulous, but underutilized by dental practices at large, is the DEXIS CariVu caries detection device, which he uses daily.

Interconnected Technologies Work Together To Maximize Productivity
Although the doctor utilizes technology from many different manufacturers, the key to his practice’s success is that each piece is interconnected with one another into a cohesive, single system. Digital X-rays, digital impressions, CariVu images, and intraoral photos are all centralized in the patient’s file in a Dentrix practice management system. That information even pops up on the reception desk computer screens when a patient calls, allowing the staff to be more informed about a patient’s history and current needs.

“The idea that all of my patient data is available from any room or I can log in to the system on the weekend from my phone to see upcoming schedules, is incredible,” said Dr. Kaye. His patients know about technology, ask for it, and tell others about their experience in his office.

“Patients are consumers. If they receive care that they feel is better, more efficient, and provides more value for their money, they will come to you.”

Dr. Kaye’s practice is evidence of this statement. He has added 18% to his bottom line in the last three years due to chairside dentistry, and he feels that number is attainable for any practice that adopts it correctly by devising an intentional plan that maximizes its use. Recognizing that change can be difficult and new technology intimidating, Dr. Kaye rolls out all new technology and processes via a 100-day plan, in which metrics are carefully tracked and the staff grades itself and the doctor on how things are progressing. Procedural loopholes are closed and training stepped up, if needed, to integrate the technology properly.

Sterilization room

The sterilization room is in the center of the treatment rooms and is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment from Midmark and SciCan.

“Technology support is just as important as the technology itself,” said Dr. Kaye. “It has to work, and it has to work all of the time. We use Henry Schein TechCentral to support all of our systems, from our server and backup to Dentrix and digital X-rays. We have one place to call if we need help.”

Dr. Kaye also provides help, as well as consulting and training, to other doctors trying to incorporate digital dentistry. He shares his experience and advice frequently at seminars and through articles and videos. He founded the New York Center for Digital Dentistry for that reason, and his current office expansion will include a digital training center to continue that work.

With technology powering his success, Dr. Kaye continues to expand beyond the walls of his Madison Avenue office. Last summer, he purchased a second practice—Personal Care Dental in Scarsdale, New York—and was joined by Dr. Sandro Evangelista. Dr. Kaye continues to practice primarily at the Manhattan office, with his associates Dr. Beatrice Deca, a specialist in complex aesthetic and prosthetic cases, as well as Drs. Vincent Carrao, Eric Novison, and Kristina Rodriguez Salaverry caring for patients across both locations.

“Our success has been achieved only because of the sustained commitment and engagement of all of the team members in both of our practices. We are constantly trying to make sure that we support, encourage, and engage everyone on our team, as well as striving to have the strongest technology platform for our patient care.” ♦

Group portrait

Left to Right: Victor Andrade, Regional Manager; Dr. Gary Kaye; Chris Ravaioli, Regional Manager; Dr. Beatrice Deca; John Giarraputo, Digital Technology Specialist; Kevin Resk, Field Sales Consultant

Originally published in Sidekick Magazine