Kalman Oral Surgery & Implant Center Queens, New York Dr. Doron Kalman

When dentists do not have enough space to accommodate more patients or offer state-of-the-art technology, they are surely not maximizing their practice’s ultimate potential. Dr. Doron Kalman in Elmhurst (Queens), New York, found himself in this situation in 2008 when he became the sole owner of a practice after his partner, Dr. William K. Kopp, retired.

Renamed Kalman Oral Surgery & Implant Center, this new dental office quickly grew. Dr. Kalman performed more than sixteen thousand procedures in a twelve-month period and treated fifty to sixty patients in a normal day! However, with just two functional operatories, one recovery room, and a very small reception area with room for only two front-desk administrators, he quickly outgrew his space.

“It is a pleasure to come to work,” says Dr. Kalman. “There is room for everyone. Patients are amazed by how beautiful the office looks and compliment it daily.”

The expansive front desk now allows four staff members to work side-by-side to check in patients more quickly.

Lack of physical space was not Dr. Kalman’s only problem. His outdated practice still maintained paper files that would sometimes get misfiled or misplaced, causing stress and wasted time. Plus, he hoped to purchase an i-CAT® 3D ConeBeam Digital Imaging System, but with no space to house the equipment, he reluctantly sent patients out for DentaScans almost daily. These inconveniences were serious problems: They simply did not fit with his desire to provide exceptional dental care.

“When I joined Dr. Kopp in 2000, we had two doctors, one front-desk administrator, two surgical assistants, and an office manager,” remembers Dr. Kalman. “By 2008, we had grown to four front-desk administrators, five surgical assistants, and an office manager.”

Dr. Kalman began looking for a new location that would meet his growing needs, incorporate the technology he wanted, and provide a caring, comfortable environment for his surgical patients and the staff. He found the square footage he was looking for on the ground floor of a building just five blocks from his existing office.

Rich chocolate brown leather dotted with orange fabric accents give the waiting area a sophistication that is also warm and inviting.

Designing a New Office

He enlisted the help of Henry Schein’s Field Sales Consultant Kevin Resk and Equipment Sales Specialist Arthur Martin to create the flow and design of the new office and choosing equipment.

“Artie Martin was very professional, accommodating, and highly knowledgeable,” said Dr. Kalman. “Henry Schein assisted with measurement and design of the space, equipment selection, contractor selection, and installation of all equipment. The design team was very eager to help with the plans and [was] always very accommodating [whenever we requested] changes.”

“Trust your team. Do not try to save a few dollars by compromising on new and improved technology for the office. Be patient, and trust your instincts.”

This state-of-the-art operatory includes a soothing color palette that puts patients at ease. Equipped with a Midmark Oral Surgery Chair and a Midmark Procedure Spotlight.

Resk and Martin worked in partnership with the architect, contractors, and interior designer to develop a floor plan that would suit the new space.

Although the new practice is located close to the old, making the switch an effortless transition for patients, it is worlds apart in terms of design, technology, and aesthetics. Open now since 2010, the 5,400-square-foot practice is an incredible success story.

Modern Atmosphere

Greets Patients When patients walk into Kalman Oral Surgery & Implant Center today, an expansive planter overflowing with every shade of greenery immediately meets them. Past the glass doors of the waiting area, deep chocolate brown finishes with orange accents in the walls and fabric lend warmth to the minimalistic styling of the contemporary chairs and tables. A spray of orchids completes the chic feel of the entry. The modern curved reception desk is generously sized to accommodate four front-desk administrators with ease, allowing faster and more convenient check-in by patients. Gone are the paper charts; they have been replaced with digital patient records. Now it is easy to locate and update patient information, streamlining the entire patient flow.

The overall ambiance in the office is soothing, with the walls and furnishings awash in calming neutrals in various shades of taupe. Soft music resonates throughout the office.

The consultation room is also a functional treatment room for follow-up exams.

Enhancing Patient Treatment

Dr. Kalman now has six operatories outfitted with sleek surgical chairs and tables from Midmark. The lighting is custom configured per operatory and features both Midmark and Pelton & Crane fixtures. Six Porter 3400-OS Flow Meters for oxygen and nitrous oxide complete the suites. Each operatory has a flat-screen TV for patient enjoyment, and because the office uses digital radiography, including the i-CAT, patients can view their images chairside. The old office only had room for a single recovery room; today there are three, centrally located for constant patient monitoring. And to promote privacy, patients depart through a separate exit after their procedures.

The new office was planned to accommodate the addition of an i-CAT into the practice.

The sterilization suite, equipped with Midmark M9 and M11 autoclaves and a SciCan HYDRIM instrument washer, is generously sized with a proven layout that flows smoothly from dirty to clean.

The sterilization center is centrally located and efficiently designed to maximize patient safety and staff productivity. Equipped with Midmark M9 and M11 autoclaves and a SciCan HYDRIM instrument washer.

New Meeting Space

Behind the scenes, employees now enjoy a dedicated employee lounge, a luxury that didn’t exist in the old space and is much appreciated by the growing staff of eighteen. The oversized conference room works well not only for daily team meetings but also for the doctor’s local study group.

“It is a pleasure to come to work,” says Dr. Kalman. “There is room for everyone. Patients are amazed by how beautiful the office looks and compliment it daily.”

New Practice Delivers Proven Results

The Henry Schein team, using best practices fine-tuned through years of dental office design and research, contributed to the doctor’s incredible growth story since the move.

In July 2011, after just one year in the office, Dr. Kalman’s production increased 32%. In his second year, production grew by 22% over the previous year. After two years in the new office, he has completed more than six thousand surgical procedures, including dramatic growth in bone-grafting procedures and implant cases.

The large, fully equipped conference room hosts team meetings and the doctor’s local study group.

The office continues to experience an increase in patient-to-patient and doctor referrals. It is quite clear to Dr. Kalman that the investment in the new office and latest technology has delivered an exceptional return on investment. He offers several tips for doctors who may be just dreaming of getting their own new office:

“Trust your team. Do not try to save a few dollars by compromising on new and improved technology for the office. Be patient, and trust your instincts.”

Kalman Oral Surgery & Implant Center is a compelling example of how careful planning, beautiful elements, and cutting-edge technology can lead to practice growth, increased productivity, and a happier patient and dental team.

Kevin Resk, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Doron Kalman; Dr. Michael Cardo