Fully Digital Dental Practice Maximizes Patient Experience

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integratedDENTAL – Woodbury, New York | Alan Jurim, DDS & Barbara Jurim, DDS

Reception areaWhen your father is a master ceramicist—and the inventor/ U.S. patent holder of the etched porcelain veneer—it’s safe to say that dentistry runs in your family.

Drs. Alan and Barbara Jurim grew up observing their dad, Adrian Jurim, practice his craft with skill and artistry. That early education led the siblings to their own careers in dentistry, and to their own practice, integratedDENTAL in Woodbury, New York, which they opened in 2011.

Training room

The doctors are passionate about teaching others about digital dentistry. Their practice was built to facilitate teaching, with a viewing window that opens to one of the practice’s surgical suites.

“Growing up in the dental laboratory setting provided us with extensive education on how dental restorations are fabricated and a rare appreciation of what is required of a clinician to produce superior quality dentistry,” said Dr. Alan. The doctors’ goal when they opened the practice was to combine a commitment to exceptional care with the sort of advanced technology that can deliver the best possible patient experience.

When they originally opened their practice, it was equipped with three operatories. However, it was “busting at the seams,” explained the doctors. To continue their growth, they needed at least two surgical suites, and that expansion would require space they just did not have. The pair also wanted to host an onsite teaching academy so they could collaborate with colleagues and staff, as well as demonstrate the power of digital dentistry, a particular passion of Dr. Alan, who also holds a dual bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering and electrical engineering.

integratedDENTAL treatment room

A-dec chairs, delivery units, and cabinets were chosen for their sleek design and high-quality construction, featured in each of the seven operatories.

The doctors began exploring the construction of a new, larger office with Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant Linda Zalkin and Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Cliff Brenner, both of whom had worked with the doctors on the original office build.

“We wanted to build a truly digital practice from the ground up, and we knew that by incorporating all of our specialties and a laboratory into one facility, we could deliver a quality of care that would be second to none,” said Dr. Alan, explaining their overarching vision for a new practice. The doctors purchased a 25,000 square-foot building in a commercial area of the upscale community. They designated about 7,000 square-feet of that space to the dental practice, and the remaining square footage to the commercial laboratory.

Ms. Zalkin and Mr. Brenner brought in several other Henry Schein experts, including Digital Technology Specialist Richard Lippold and lead installation technician, James Manek. Together they discussed the business,
design concepts, equipment brands, and financing for the large project.


The commercial laboratory is inside the building, so lab technicians are steps away for adjustments that are needed on a patient restoration.

The doctors mapped out their needs from a practice, lab, and academy perspective, and determined how many operatories of each type they needed, knowing it had to accommodate them, along with associates
Dr. Brandon Katz and Dr. Avra Asculai. Then they penciled in space for the front desk, consultation room, and recovery rooms.

“We worked closely with the team at Henry Schein to determine what was possible on the dental side, and then we followed a similar process on the lab side.”

Because patient comfort and satisfaction was their first priority, they put a lot of consideration into the look and flow of the new high-end office.

One of the first things a patient will notice when they enter the practice is the curved elements that soften this welcoming but sleek office. Curved leather sofas coexist harmoniously alongside the rounded reception desk. Soft taupe and cream colors create a monochromatic color scheme that is airy and serene in its minimalism.

Meeting room

From any computer, including in the conference room, the doctors can view patient information from Dentrix Ascend and digital impressions from the 3Shape TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner.

“When a patient arrives in our large lobby with its high ceiling, waterfall, and luxurious seating, they feel a sense of calm and confidence,” noted
Dr. Alan.

When patients approach the front desk, the staff accesses their information through Dentrix Ascend, the latest incarnation of the Dentrix Practice Management Software system. One reason Dr. Alan, a technical guru who installed the practice’s networking himself, was drawn to Dentrix Ascend is because it is cloud based.

“Dentrix Ascend works well with our virtual machine infrastructure because the computers only need an internet connection to power the Practice Management Software,” explained Dr. Alan. “Any screen in the practice becomes a workstation.”

As patients move into the clinical area, seven operatories await them, two of which are full surgical suites.

Sterlization room

A galley-style sterilization center is located between the operatories. It is equipped with a Midmark M11 sterilizer, SciCan Hydrim G4 instrument washer, and a QUATTROCare Plus Maintenance System.

“The rest of the clinical space communicates a certain legitimacy that patients are keen to,” continued Dr. Alan. “When they see form, function, and technology all come together around their care, they know they are in the right place.”

The treatment rooms are equipped with A-dec chairs and cabinetry, which were chosen after a personal visit to the A-dec showroom. Planmeca Sovereign chairs and delivery units are installed in the two surgical suites. These two well-known brands appealed to the doctors because they both have stellar reputations and longevity packaged in a high-end design, but they are unique from one another.

“The doctors really liked the Planmeca chair with its flexible delivery settings and delivery options, such as a built-in intraoral camera,” said Mr. Brenner. “The chair itself, with its smooth, ergonomically engineered design, also makes a big impression even in its static form, and its impact is especially powerful when viewed in action through the academy’s viewing window.”

“The doctors are devoted to patient care, and they spared no expense in building an office with the very best equipment on the market,” continued Mr. Brenner. “They market themselves as a digital dental practice, and they truly are.”

Mechanical Room

Unseen but vital to the practice’s operations, the mechanical room, with the Air Techniques Mojave V5 vacuum system, is robust enough to power the busy practice.

Every part of the office is wired together in a compatible network of technology, using Dentrix Ascend as the hub. They utilize a NOMAD Pro 2 mobile X-ray system, which can be used anywhere there is a computer screen. A 3Shape TRIOS® 3 scanner launches the digital workflow, which typically includes digital impressions used to fabricate the restorations. Jurim Dental Studio, the family’s separate commercial laboratory located onsite, does have plaster and sintering rooms, but the doctors are increasingly designing restorations digitally using CAD/CAM technology and transmitting those files to one of the lab’s 3D printers. This seamless process creates exceptional restorations that deliver a precise fit and beautiful aesthetics in a single visit. If adjustments need to be made or questions addressed, lab technicians are just a few steps away, and can walk over to see the case firsthand, another convenience for patients.

“The additional space gives us room to breathe and spread out, reducing stress,” noted Adam Richichi, COO of integratedDENTAL. “The team’s day is more predictable and easily managed. The added benefit of a warm yet modern environment is something the whole team enjoys. We want to build our team by bringing together additional practitioners, including specialists. We want to continually stay ahead of the curve by vetting and incorporating the latest technology in the industry so we can make it available to our patients!” ♦

Group picture

Left to Right: Dr. Avra Asculai; Victor Andrade, Regional Manager; Adam Richichi, Chief Operating Officer of integratedDENTAL; Dr. Alan Jurim; Dr. Barbara Jurim; Richard Lippold, Digital Technology Specialist; Linda Zalkin, Field Sales Consultant; Debbie Burack, CAD/CAM Specialist; Cliff Brenner, Equipment Sales Specialist.

Originally published in Sidekick Magazine