Individuality and Compatibility

With so many products vying for individuality these days, it is refreshing to find one that strives for compatibility as well.

i-CAT® provides both—a reputation for flexibility in clinical control for individual cases and also compatibility with a variety of other tools to help dentists achieve great results more easily and more precisely.

i-CAT data in E4D Compass

Distinguished from other cone beam systems, Tx Studio™ software was developed exclusively for i-CAT systems. This powerful software package allows doctors to create complete treatment plans for implants (with abutments and restorations), surgical procedures, endodontics, orthodontics, TMD, and airway assessment in minutes. Plus, doctors can build onto the program with a host of special tools. The clinician can guide each case efficiently, from plan to completion, with enhanced surgical predictability. Visuals in the software facilitate patient education and lead to greater understanding of their condition and reasons for treatment plan.

i-CAT data in SureSmile

With i-CAT, dentists can also take advantage of the benefits of other programs and technologies that are compatible with i-CAT data, such as the E4D®. The new E4D Compass™software integrates 3D data from i-CAT® Next Generation™and i-CAT® Precise™with E4D scan data to assist in the designing the optimal restorative plan and ideal implant positioning. Using i-CAT and Compass, dentists can efficiently plan and place implants and use CAD/CAM to restore them with a single software program.

Besides implants, i-CAT also is compatible with orthodontic-related programs. SureSmile® technology transforms cone beam scans into 3D computer models for orthodontic planning and treatment. Orthodontists can use the data from i-CAT scans of the patient’s mouth, face, and jaw, for control of treatment through virtual diagnostic simulations, instant quality grading tools, prescriptive planning capabilities, and robotic arch-wire customization.

Implant planning with i-CAT Precise data in Tx Studio

Time-saving i-CAT software includes quick launch integration with 3D planning software, including Dolphin® 3D. i-CAT scans used in conjunction with various types of 3D imaging software, provide an opportunity for planning in a program that is specifically geared toward specialty and procedure-based practices.

Compatibility with different software applications is just one facet of i-CAT flexibility. This dynamic CBCT system also offers a variety of scan sizes and dose. The ability for collimation allows the practitioner to focus on a particular area of interest, limiting radiation exposure for the needs of the individual procedure and patient.

i-CAT imaging systems’ individuality, compatibility, and flexibility offers dentists more choices and more control over their patients’ treatment, from diagnosis to implementation.