High-Tech Surgical Care Showcased in State-of-the-Art Practice

Riverside O.S.–Redding, California

Dr. Daniel Petersen

Dr. Daniel Petersen is a highly experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who cares for patients at his practice, Riverside O. S. in Redding, California. Patients entrust him with care for issues that range from wisdom teeth extraction to complex implant surgeries, cleft palette repair, bone grafting, and facial injury treatment. Many patients who see him have serious dental issues, so having an environment that reflects the doctor’s comprehensive training, professionalism, and state-of-the-art care is a key aspect to making them comfortable and confident that they have chosen a doctor they can trust.

Dr. Petersen’s practice is impressive in every way. Built from the ground up more than a year ago, it is upscale, technologically advanced, and allows him and his highly skilled team to cater to the complex needs of surgical patients in an efficient and comprehensive manner. It was not that way in his previous office, which is why he found the move to a new building necessary.

Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in lots of sunshine to the patient waiting area.

Limitations of Older Building

When Dr. Petersen moved to California after completing his residency in New York, he purchased a practice from an existing dentist. However, the office infrastructure made it difficult to add new technology or expand what he already had. The outdated equipment was at least 30 years old, and the lighting and the circuitry were poor, making the office feel dark and musty. Plus, the space was simply too small and lacked a consultation room for in-depth conversations about treatment plans. None of these factors conveyed an atmosphere of cutting-edge dentistry! When it was time to renew the lease, Dr. Petersen knew he needed to move to another location to create the practice he really wanted and needed to succeed.

Riverside O.S. overlooks the sublime Sacramento River and Trinity Mountains.

For patients who come in with fear and anxiety, they are immediately relaxed with the views, colors, and open presentation of the office. We have had tons of positive feedback.

Planning a New Office

He contacted his Henry Schein representatives, Adam Jones, Equipment Sales Specialist and Andy Matthews, Field Sales Consultant, to help with initiation. They had been working with Dr. Petersen since 2008 when he set up his practice in the area, and now they discussed his goals and plans for the future.

The sleek, curved shape of the front desk mimics the rooflines outside.

“We did a practice analysis to determine the growth needed to accomplish the project, optimize and balance fees, and plan for success,” noted Mr. Jones.

The Henry Schein team took several trips with the doctor to provide him with the latest information and advice about office design and equipment. They attended a Driven to Excellence seminar in Oregon offered by the KaVo Kerr Group to Henry Schein customers to help doctors think through all of the issues and decisions that come with building a new office. They also took a VIP trip to Midmark so Dr. Petersen could see and demo different surgical chairs and equipment. Later, he purchased an i-CAT 3D Cone Beam System and had it installed in his existing office so he and the staff would have it fully integrated into their processes by the time they moved.

Riverside O.S. surgical suites feature Midmark chairs and delivery carts. Large windows allow patients to view the natural beauty of northern California.

Nature-Inspired Architecture Calms

Dr. Petersen ultimately chose a gorgeous location for his new office on a bluff overlooking the Sacramento River and the Trinity Mountains, a serene vista that simply felt right.

Today, Riverside O.S. is a 5,400 square-foot practice with walls of windows that bring in a generous amount of sunshine as well as the picturesque scenery outside. The exterior, with its mosaic of slate and curved rooflines, blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

The interior also relies on rich, natural materials to bring the outdoors in. The reception area is very comfortable with its casual, yet modern feel. Slate tiles in bold shades of brown and tan complement the high cherry-wood ceilings and polished silver accent pieces. The color palette of grays and browns is a pleasing backdrop to rich upholstered chairs located throughout the room. Several outdoor spaces are available to patients, too, to enjoy the majestic views of northern California.

“For patients who come in with fear and anxiety, they are immediately relaxed with the views, colors, and open presentation of the office. We have had tons of positive feedback,” said Dr. Petersen.

The patient consult room includes a Pelton & Crane chair and Helios light.

As patients move through the office, they catch glimpses of Dr. Petersen’s family photos, which hang on the walls—a unique, personal touch that is unusual in a surgical setting. Wide-open hallways lead to three surgical suites, a consult room, and a follow-up room. Upstairs, a large conference room opens up space to hold conferences and continuing education classes. An operating room will be added soon, allowing Dr. Petersen to perform more procedures onsite instead of at the hospital.

Streamlined Work Flow

“The old office was not set up in specific zones,” Dr. Petersen remarked. “We have all of our treatment rooms along the same wall as my office. It means less walking for me and easier for the staff to turn over rooms. Our sterilization center is now central to all rooms, so they are more efficient. The treatment area is separate from the consult/patient check-in area so there is no crossover of patients. We also have a designated consult room, which is a huge advantage when discussing large implant/surgical cases.”

Photos of Dr. Petersen’s family provide a unique personal touch throughout the spacious hallways.

The large conference room upstairs offers plenty of space to hold continuing education classes and conferences.

Our sterilization center is now central to all rooms, so they are more efficient.

The consultation rooms are equipped with Pelton & Crane chairs and Helios LED lights to give patients a comfortable experience. Midmark 641 surgical chairs and delivery carts outfit the surgical suites. All of the rooms have large windows to brighten up the space and create an open, airy feeling. The sterilization area is hospital-grade and uses top-of-the-line equipment, including two Midmark M11 autoclaves, an M3 sterilizer, and a Miele washer/disinfector.

The doctor upgraded to digital imaging and chose the i-CAT. He had it installed in his existing office during the build-out so he and his team could have it fully integrated into their work flow by the time the new office opened.

Delivering Exceptional Patient Care

Because the old office was so difficult to upgrade to new technology, Dr. Petersen was still using film X-rays until his purchase of the i-CAT. He also bought the Aribex NOMAD X-ray system, which is flexible enough to be used during procedures, even if a patient is sedated.

“The i-CAT proved to be the best thing for his practice in many ways,” commented Mr. Jones.

The staff now uses OMSVision practice-management software to run the operational side of the practice, and the i-CAT and NOMAD technology interfaces with it, allowing patient information and images to be stored and accessed digitally.

Growth Is the Goal

Riverside O. S. has enjoyed incredible growth since moving to the new location. Production is up 22 percent, and referrals come from a very large radius. Looking ahead, Dr. Petersen plans to continue growing his referral base and host additional seminars and continuing education courses in his onsite conference space.

Reflecting back on the past year, the doctor is happy with the move and the beautiful location where he can now continue to expand his successful practice.

“For me and my staff, the office and surrounding environment is peaceful and relaxing,” said Dr. Petersen. “It is a very pleasant place to go to work every day.”

Left to right: Mark Lowery, Regional Manager; Adam Jones, Equipment Sales Specialist; Andy Matthews, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Daniel Petersen

Riverside O.S.
Redding, CA
Dr. Daniel Petersen
Square Feet: 5,400
Treatment Rooms: 4
Practice Opened: 2008