Gendex – Driving Innovation Across the Nation

After nearly a year in development, the Experience Gendex bus is on the road and coming to dental offices and dental meetings across North America. The bus offers a hands-on opportunity to touch the products that are the centerpiece of Gendex’ most comprehensive product release in company history, as well as products that have already earned reputations for excellence. Outfitted with an abundance of flat screen monitors, iPad®s, and live GPS tracking, this unique coach spotlights these new and exciting launches—the GXDP-700™ Series Pan-Ceph-3D, GXDP-300™ Pan, and GXPS-500™ PSP system.

The Experience Gendex mobile showroom.

The crown jewel of the bus is the new GXDP-700, which begins as a robust pan that can be upgraded in the field to add cephalometrics or 3-D Cone Beam CT, or both. The 3-D component, with two scan-size options and a low-dose PerfectScout™ location tool, complements diagnosis and planning for targeted areas of interest in applications such as impactions, root investigation, and implants. General dentist, Dr. Mohammad Khandaqji, of San Ramon, California is an excited new owner. He comments, “We are trying to offer a broad variety of dental options, such as implants, and surgical procedures. For a more successful outcome and to avoid complications, I need to know everything that I can about the patient’s sensitive dental anatomy.” He notes he will also be able to offer more endodontic procedures, with his added ability to view the root canal anatomy in 3D, especially for retreatment.” Dr. Khandaqji is a long-term Gendex and Henry Schein customer. “I have been working with Henry Schein since I started in 2000. I feel that both of my Sales Consultants care about my success. They know that if I grow, they grow.”

The bus interior with operatory-style setting

The new GXDP-300 panoramic was the perfect choice for general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Richard Reath, who has used Gendex products for almost three decades. “I was looking at pans at the last Chicago Midwinter Meeting and my Henry Schein Sales Consultant suggested Gendex,” he said. After deliberations, Dr. Reath decided on the new DP-300. At recent hands-on training session, he was impressed by the projection technology of the unit, the comfortable patient positioning, and the overall design. “I particularly like that the tube head is designed to be angled, so that even people with short necks or big shoulders clear the unit better than with other pans.” Dr. Reath’s investment in a DP-300 also allowed him to eliminate his film pan. “I will be happy to get rid of the chemicals and the processing errors,” he noted.

Both doctors read about the Experience Gendex bus on Facebook™. Much to their delight, the bus team scheduled visits Dr. Reath’s office in August, and then, on the way to the California Dental Association meeting, to Dr. Khandaqji’s Mona Lisa Smiles office. Anyone can track the bus, see scheduled visits, and even suggest a stop by going to These new launches and the Experience Gendex mobile showroom show that Gendex really means business when it comes to “driving innovation.”