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Dr. Stephanie White

Front row: left to right–Kristeena Robinson, Digital Technology Specialist; Dr. Stephanie White; Jaime Phifer, Field Sales Consultant. Back row: left to right–Chris Whisman, Certified Installation Technician; Mike Corcoran, Equipment Sales Specialist; Lee Lehman, Regional Manager; Jason Paz, Equipment Service Technician; Dan Sands, Equipment Service Technician

There’s no place like home! And, there’s nothing better than being 50 feet from your place of business. Gearhart Dentistry and the Doctor’s residence, located in Gearhart, Oregon, are only footsteps apart and ideally configured to offer an enviable lifestyle—possibly with one of the shortest commutes on record!

Construction began in January 2010 in the new location (the office opened in September of the same year). The new building’s 1,750-square-foot downstairs space houses the reception area and 4 operatories. Its 400-square-foot second level is used for the Doctor’s personal office and storage.

“We feel the office’s environment accurately reflects the quality of care we provide to our patients,” points out Dr. White. “I believe the new office is more relaxing and less stressful for my staff as well…it allows them to work as a strong team and enjoy a greater level of communication and productivity. We have had a measurable increase in new patients in just the last 3 months and there have also been a lot of walk-ins, roughly one to two per week, wanting to check out the new place and inquire about becoming patients.”

“My business being so close to my home is such a wonderful thing,” remarks Dr. White. “There are many matters that need to be handled after patient treatment hours, which means time away from loved ones. I can literally run over to the office and work—guilt-free.”

Through the successful completion of her new office, Dr. White will better realize her business goals and be able to fulfill her personal philosophy of patient care. With new technologies and a perfectly configured space, the Doctor can confidently look forward to supporting an increase in her burgeoning client base and comfortably meet the demands of her personal life as well.

Gearhart Dentistry 2011 Making the Dream Work

Dr. Stephanie White definitely achieved the best of all possible worlds when she opened her new practice in Gearhart, Oregon. With an enviable proximity of the business office to the Doctor’s family residence, everyday concerns over traffic and delayed schedules were overcome from day one. “As a mother, small business owner, and dentist, this relocation provided numerous benefits on many levels, including highway frontage that increases the practice’s visibility,” points out Dr. White.

“Our productivity has increased by 25% and we have seen a 75% increase in our patient base since opening the new facility.”

The new office’s superior ergonomics and enhanced functionality continue to make each workday less stressful and more productive. Industry-leading technologies play a huge part in the office’s ongoing success. “The most beneficial technologies affecting our business are the DEXIS platinum sensor and the Dentrix practice-management software,” notes Dr. White. “We made the switch from conventional film to digital radiography more than four years ago.

It was a very smart move financially. We are able to provide high-quality diagnostic images with less radiation to our patients. With chair-side monitors in each operatory, we are able to enlarge radiographic images and clearly illustrate problem areas to patients—which has a huge impact on case acceptance. We save money on the amount of time it takes to take films (and see a finished product), not to mention the days of painstaking maintenance of processing equipment and chemicals that are a thing of the past. Our Dentrix software allows us to manage operating systems in our practice more efficiently. With the numerous reports that can be run, we are better able to track our patients’ data as well as the practice’s financial status and needs.”

“The space and the new equipment and technology makes them proud to be a part of our Gearhart Dentistry team and provide dental care in such a beautiful office.”

Gearhart Dentistry is also busy increasing its visibility through the Internet. “We are currently working on getting our Web site established,” notes the Doctor. “One of the features on our new Web site is Henry Schein’s Guru. This educational resource integrates with our Dentrix practice-management system and connects with patients in our office, at home, or online, offering multimedia presentations on treatment recommendations by using the patient’s own X-rays and intraoral images. It’s a great communication tool and helps build trust with the patient.”

Working toward greater team harmony is always a prime consideration for the dental practice. Positive morale of the staff directly impacts productivity and influences patient satisfaction, helping to build a bright future for the business. “Our staff loves the new office,” says Dr. White. “The space and the new equipment and technology makes them proud to be a part of our Gearhart Dentistry team and provide dental care in such a beautiful office. They are also excited to implement the latest technologies as they become available.

Front row: left to right–Nicole Clauder, fill-in Hygienist; Cathy Jo Kirkpatrick, full-time Hygienist; Dr. Stephanie White; Megan Kristovich, Sterilization Tech; Back row: left to right– Jamie Stratton, front-office and financial coordinator; Heidi Ross, front-office coordinator and financial coordinator; Kathy Sue Maltman, Doctor’s Assistant

As a small business owner, Dr. White continuously works to keep her practice goals on track. “We provide dental services in a location that we own, which keeps overhead to a minimum and translates into increased profitability and lower costs to the patient,” adds the Doctor. “Our productivity has increased by 25% and we have seen a 75% increase in our patient base since opening the new facility.”

With the support of its dedicated team and new technology solutions, Gearhart Dentistry is perfectly positioned to pursue continued success in fulfilling its philosophy of patient care while staying competitive in today’s marketplace.

Featured Equipment:

Dentrix Practice Management Software
DEXIS Platinum Digital Sensors
Digital Doc Icon Intraoral Camera
Crown Seating Operatory Stools
Guru Patient Education System
Midmark Assistant Stools
Pelton & Crane 3000 Chairs and Delivery System
Pelton & Crane Helios Light
Pelton & Crane Cabinetry