Gateway Community Health Center

Equipment Sales Specialist, Todd Nickolich and Field Sales Consultant, James Claire managed the project. They focused on developing a plan that met the specific requirements of a facility that is both a teaching pavilion and a community clinic with increasing demands for specialized services.

The Health Center’s liaison program with the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School results in periodontic and prosthodontic residents and dental students rotating through Gateway’s dental clinic. These heightened demands necessitate a streamlined, highly functional layout with up-to-the-minute technologies that allow a high level of productivity and the capability of adhering to the Center’s scheduling requirements.

Todd Nickolich and Gateway’s Dental Director, Claudia Cavazos, DDS, traveled to the Midmark showroom to evaluate its line of products. Midmark’s displays include a variety of configurations that work to solve space and technological difficulties that can arise in the planning of dental facilities.

The Clinic’s 15-operatory design reveals a well-organized configuration and state-of-the-art products that are integrated to serve the facility’s needs now and into the future. The new facility showcases optimal storage areas; beautiful, open-bay operatories; dual sterilization areas; and maxillofacial and prosthodontic laboratories that meet OSHA’s standards for health and safety precautions.

With an overall ergonomic integrity that reduces stress and maintains productivity, the new clinic will provide doctors and attending staff members with an ideal working environment. They can also look forward to treating their patients with leading-edge technology that will set industry standards in dentistry.

“The patients are taken aback when they walk into our beautiful facility. The staff is also proud to work here. We are changing people’s perception of a community healthcare center with our new facility,” comments Dr. Cavazos.

Sullivan-Schein’s specialists share the optimism at the conclusion of this type of project. “The equipment will ensure that the clinic has the ability to deliver the best care long into the future—ensuring the health and happiness of patients and staff,” notes Todd Nickolich.

Todd Nickolich and all Sullivan-Schein’s experts fully dedicate themselves to their customers’ needs during a project. They bring their professional knowledge and specialized skills to the table, helping customers achieve the results they have dreamed of. They also continue to partner with their customers long after a project’s completion, providing the advice, products, and services necessary to protect the investment made in equipment that is vital to the facility’s activities. “This is what we do at Sullivan-Schein,” adds Todd.

Left to right: Todd Nickolich, Equipment Sales Specialist; Damian Crow, Equipment Service Technician; James Clair, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Claudia Cavazos, Gateway Dental Director; Miguel Trevino, CEO Gateway; Michael Porro, Regional General Manager

This approach supports and sustains facilities such as The Gateway Community Health Center, allowing them to successfully maintain their long-term business plans and confidently serve the patients whose healthcare they are committed to.