From 3-D Scan to Treatment Success

Figure 1. Fast scan and reconstruction times

Many clinicians, general dentist, and specialists alike, are adding Cone Beam 3-D technology (CBCT) to their practices to facilitate implant placement. Since CBCT offers the most precise and complete information for diagnosis and the treatment planning for dental implants, these dentists understand that they can experience greater predictability in the success of this highly sought after procedure.

For those placing dental implants now with 2-D radiography, the stages of placement become more accurate with the adjunct of CBCT. It’s all in the planning, and CBCT arms the doctor with critical planning information in three dimensions—for their three dimensional patients. Here is an example of the process.

Figure 2. Cross-sectional display with precise measurements

Along with a physical examination, an 8.9 second i-CAT® scan of the desired area is taken on the patient (Fig.1). There are 6 scan-size options ranging from single arch to full skull. Images are ready for viewing and use in 30 seconds.

The clinician can then proceed with diagnosis, evaluation, measurement, and treatment planning within i-CATVision™ software (Fig. 2).

Figure 3. Compatibility with 3-D planning software

If desired, the doctor can use the captured 3-D data in other 3-D imaging implant programs. As seen here with i-CAT scan data in InVivioDental’s™ Anatomage, the dentist can use the many tools found in the program, including virtual placement of the implant (Fig. 3).

Current advancements also allow clinicians to plan the restorative phase using CBCT scans in 3-D imaging programs, seen here with Anatomage (Fig. 4).

Figure 4. Restorative planning possibilities with CBCT data

Once the type and style of the implant and the exact location are chosen, surgery commences after which restoration of the implant follows.

Benefiting both patient and doctor, CBCT simply yields data that generates more positive surgical and restorative outcomes, and creates a higher level of confidence for a doctor’s implant program.