General Dentistry Practice in Fresno Expands Production and Technology in New Office Build

Fresno Dental Professionals – Fresno, CA | Michelle Asselin, DDS

Hallway looking into operatory.

A neutral palette is the background canvas for this high-end office, which used the practice’s blue corporate color as a highlight in the design.

Fresno Dental Professionals is a large, general-dentistry office with a team of multidisciplinary doctors who provide comprehensive care, including periodontics, implants, endodontics, oral surgery, and orthodontics. The staff includes Drs. Nooshin Julian, Michelle B. Asselin, Jeremy E. Grabe, and Joseph Moss. The group has earned an impressive reputation, demonstrated by its incredible growth. That success was even more exceptional because it was achieved in an older office that had operational limitations.

First, the office was small and housed four doctors and 35 staff members—enough said! Dr. Asselin confirms that the doctors were often working on top of each other out of nine operatories. Another challenge was that the office was built to comply with older ADA standards, so the spaces were tighter and difficult to maneuver. Finally, the practice used an assortment of equipment from a variety of manufacturers that had been added over the years, which needed upgrading.

Reception area

A living plant wall adds additional color and zen to the comfortable waiting area.

The group maximized the space and its efficiency as much as they could, but with nowhere else to go they couldn’t add new technology or associates or make many changes. The doctors concluded that building a new office was necessary to elevate the patient experience and to expand the superior level of dentistry they were already known for. The doctors reached out to Henry Schein, which had been a partner for more than two decades.

“Fresno Dental Professionals has been a long-time customer of
Henry Schein Dental,” said Equipment Sales Specialist William Rotert.
Mr. Rotert pulled together a team of experts, including a real estate broker who helped find the site, designers, equipment manufacturers, technology experts, and service technicians.

Dr. scanning patient with 3Shape TRIOS.

The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner is used daily by the doctors. The operatory equipment and configuration is set up uniformly so that any doctor completing any procedure can find just what they need in all 13 operatories.

The new office was completed January 2019, and production has already increased by 25%, according to Dr. Asselin. The doctors have also doubled the number of new patients they see every month.

Luxurious Colors and Textures Surround Patients

Fresno Dental Professionals is a sumptuous blend of opulent textures, velvet fabrics, and jeweled colors that invite patients to sink into its seating and find respite before their appointments. Custom wall art, chandeliers, and a living wall of plantings in the reception area create a zone of peacefulness, and the finishes immediately communicate that this is a practice of the highest quality. Set against a complementary neutral palette on the walls and flooring, the design pieces are dramatic and eye-catching.

“Staying true to our brand identity, blue was selected as an anchor in the design,” said Dr. Asselin, who points to it in the wall logo, in artwork on the walls, in the glass tiles of the beverage center, and in subtle appearances throughout the office. “Custom ceiling designs, elegant furniture, and brand-driven wall art all work together to create a cohesive space that reflects the modern dentistry that is provided.”

Treatment Room

The A-dec line appealed to the doctors because everything is integrated into it, from the Cavitron scaler to electric handpieces and cameras. Aesthetically, they also liked the sweeping lines and the ergonomics of the chairs.

The team that Mr. Rotert pulled together, including Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant Kimberly Early, helped to source the site, which is a high-profile office building on one of the busiest intersections in Fresno.

“The new 6,500-square-foot practice was constructed in the River Park area, one of the premier locations in our local community,” noted Mr. Rotert.

Creating the lush ambiance inside Fresno Dental Professionals required some very late nights! The practice shares the building with a number of financial services tenants who did not want construction interrupting the flow of their workday or their customers. Therefore, work on the Fresno Dental Professionals’ space could only start after 5 p.m. It continued throughout the night until the crew put their tools down at 7 a.m.!

Another challenge, said Mr. Rotert, was the logistics of reaching consensus with a large number of stakeholders involved on the project to keep it moving forward.

“We work very well with multi doctor and multidisciplinary practices,” said Mr. Rotert, explaining that his job required “quarterbacking” the project. That involved juggling schedules, deadlines, and introducing team members who could advise the doctors—each of whom had unique preferences and goals in mind—on a number of innovative options that could deliver value to them.

One tool that brought them together was an educational trip to A-dec, in which all four doctors had the opportunity to discuss the practice and see different types of equipment options that could achieve the results they wanted. The doctors felt that A-dec’s mission aligned with their own values, so they chose their top-of-the-line operatory equipment and sterilization center cabinetry.

Operatory Goals Drive Buying Decisions

Sterilization room

Open six days a week, this busy multi-doctor practice leaned on the expertise of the Henry Schein team when designing and equipping the massive sterilization center and adjoining lab.

The doctors had two main goals when it came to the operatories, explained Mr. Rotert, who traveled with them to A-dec. First, the equipment had to be fully integrated and seamless. Second, the treatment rooms had to be uniformly designed so the doctors could find the same things in the same places, regardless of where they were working.

“They wanted uniformity, yet individuality in the operatories,” noted
Mr. Rotert, “so they really liked that the system could be customized for each doctor with pre-programmed settings on the touchpad.”

The 13 operatories feature integrated electric handpieces, cameras, and Cavitron ultrasonic scalers. If the curved lines of the chairs and plush leather seating don’t wow patients when they walk in, they only need to look up to see additional intricate design details.

“Each operatory features floating ceilings that mirror the floor design below them,” explained Dr. Asselin.

Imaging area

Adding the 3D cone beam to the practice has opened up many opportunities across specialties. The Planmeca Mid 2D/3D system offers an ideal field of view for multi-purpose practices that also perform orthodontics.

The attention to these details does not go unnoticed. From the artwork on the walls, to the etching in the glass doors and panels, to the cut-metal logo art that mirrors the skyline of the city, patients are continuously wowed.

“3form tiles were used to create dimensional wall art in the shape of teeth!” said Dr. Asselin with a laugh.

The same meticulous thought that went into the interior design and layout also went into digital imaging choices the doctors made.

Digital Imaging Drives Fresno Dental Professionals Toward Growth, Expanded Services

The doctors upped their technology game with the added space. Josh Mayer, the Henry Schein Digital Technology Specialist who worked with the doctors, related that they held multiple exploratory meetings and onsite training days to ensure the practice was comfortable with the technology, and fully skilled in using it to its potential.

Treatment room with 3Shape

The rustic finish of the cabinets continues the rich theme inside the operatories. The integration of the equipment with the chair frees the room from clutter and maintains a professional, crisp-looking space while delivering all of the power the doctors need to provide an exceptional experience.

“The doctors wanted the best solutions and trusted our recommendations,” he noted.

The group invested in a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, which they use daily for crowns and orthodontics. They also purchased a Planmeca Mid 2D/3D X-ray system, which provides precision and versatility across many types of dental applications.

“It offers the doctors advanced 2D bitewing technology as well as a maximum 3D field of view of 17” x 20”,” said Mr. Rotert. “This makes it an ideal system for any multi-provider dental practices that offer orthodontics.”

The cone beam is also used every single day, said Dr. Asselin, who noted that it opened up the opportunity to add a fifth dentist to the practice—an oral surgeon who places implants.

Mr. Mayer is proud of the streamlined integration of all of the digital technology, including DEXIS software,  intraoral sensors, and cameras, with the Dentrix G7 practice management software, which was new to Fresno Dental Professionals.

“This is a high-quality practice that wants to be able to do anything and everything for any patient,” emphasized Mr. Rotert. “They needed a system to do all the things that could be done in their practice.”

As the practice has picked up momentum, growing every month, the Henry Schein service team has remained a constant, readily accessible support to the doctors, post-installation.

Team picture

From left to right: Quyen Pham, Equipment Service Technician; Joseph Moss, DDS; Jeremy Grabe, DDS; William Rotert, Equipment Sales Specialist; Michelle Asselin, DDS; Farish Thompson, Regional Manager; Kimberly Early, Field Sales Consultant; Josh Mayer, Digital Technology Specialist.

“Henry Schein’s technicians have allowed us to meet the demands of our growing practice by ensuring our equipment is up and running,” said
Dr. Asselin. “Our office is open six days a week with expanded hours, and the technicians have worked around our schedule so we can keep our commitments to our patients and they can keep their commitment to be the solution for all our equipment needs.”

This long-term view, from the pre-build conversations through post-installation and after as practices continue to expand and update, is the foundation of every Henry Schein relationship.

“This is an enormous financial commitment,” Mr. Rotert said. “When you are making an investment like this, it’s important to pick strong partners who will be there for the long term.”

The doctors are already thinking ahead to their next stage, including additional technology, and possibly associates.

“We are continuing to look at ways to be more efficient and to bring the best-in-class technology to our patients,” concluded Dr. Asselin. “We want to bring in a 3D printer, CAD/CAM mill, and microscopes. With the growth happening, we may even expand our new office within the next two years!” ♦