Five Ways to Receive Five-Star Reviews


Providing a positive experience for your dental patients is important, along with having a knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly staff. But what other factors in a dental visit matter to patients? We combed through hundreds of online five-star reviews of dentists around the country and identified five key aspects that patients value in their overall experiences when visiting the dentist.

  1. Personalize the Experience

how to get five-star reviews

Dr. Pless teaches a patient how to place the ingot of porcelain into the CAD/CAM mill.

Allowing patients to select their own music using apps like Spotify or Pandora can help them relax during their treatment. Giving control to your patients reduces the stress level and eases them into the appointment. Similarly, dentists are installing Netflix-enabled TVs in the treatment rooms so patients can watch their favorite program while getting their teeth cleaned. “Our biggest goal is to provide the ultimate patient experience,” said Dr. Roger Shieh of South Shore Smiles. “Having TVs on the ceiling has been wildly popular, distracting our pediatric patients and entertaining our adult patients.”

Give your patients the opportunity to be a part of their dental appointment. Dr. Sarah Pless of Renaissance Dental Studio engages her patients in the crown-milling process. “We built out a special location for the CAD/CAM milling unit so patients can place the ingot of porcelain themselves and watch the milling process. This is a big hit!”

  1. Incorporate the Latest Technology

Quick and efficient visits play a big part in your patient’s overall experience. Out with the old, in with the new applies to your dental equipment and technology! Patients are more trusting of your analysis, leading to higher case acceptance, knowing they are receiving the latest treatment methods with up-to-date equipment and dental technology.

  1. Rethink Office Design

five-star reviews: dental reception area

Cranberry Dental Studio’s reception.

Practices are no longer designed to look like a dental office. The current trend is designing the reception area to look more like a spa, hotel, or other luxurious space. Updating your office design can calm patients’ nerves the moment they walk in the door. Cranberry Dental Studio in Pennsylvania took this concept to heart, creating a 5,500-square foot office that exudes upscale warmth and comfort.

Patients like a clean and modern office, but then again, who doesn’t? The design of your office (especially the waiting area) is the first impression your patients get when they walk in. Providing a state-of-the-art facility with various amenities and comfortable furniture goes a long way.

  1. Engage on Social Media

Your patients are on social media every day. Consider ramping up your game to connect with patients on various platforms. Live Q&A sessions on Facebook are becoming popular, as dentists talk with patients about their questions and concerns. Instagram and Twitter can be utilized to share content about your office. Posting pictures and videos of your staff (day in the life, get to know you, etc.), office updates, behind-the-scenes, and equipment & technology allows patients to connect more with you and your staff.

  1. Invest in Comfort

Patient comfort is essential to making their visit memorable. Practices are updating their dental chairs to plush leather with added lumbar support, built-in back massage functionality, and heated neck pillows for enhanced relaxation capabilities. Patients spend the most time in your chairs, so why not make them super comfy?

A positive experience will keep your patients coming back to you. Patient reviews are important and shed light on what your practice is doing right and wrong. While these five ways to receive five-star reviews cannot guarantee five-star reviews for your dental practice, they can certainly help get you there!