Have You Joined the Movement?

The latest statistics show that approximately 64.7 million Americans have periodontal disease. Science has shown today more than ever before the link between periodontal infections and many other serious systemic health risks, heart disease, diabetes, several types of cancers, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Recent papers published by the American Heart Association state that it appears up to 50% of all heart attacks are triggered by oral bacteremia. This highlights more than ever before how critical it is that we are taking action when we see periodontal infection in our practices.

The sad state of affairs is that Dentistry IQ published statistics that less than 3% of all dental codes submitted are in the periodontal category. How can this be? If more than 60 million adults have some form of periodontal disease, why are they not accepting and receiving the care they need? How can we create a higher sense of urgency and awareness in our practice to help patients move forward?

SoproCARE in Perio mode highlights different structures

SoproCARE in Perio mode highlights different structures

I am excited to be a part of a new movement, the “I Promise” campaign. This effort will help patients understand the importance of this therapy and accept our recommendations more readily. This effort will also help clinicians Detect, Diagnose, and Treat periodontal disease. Many clinicians understand the importance of treating periodontal disease yet may lack the systems and technology to aid in this effort. This partnership between ACTEON and Henry Schein is making it possible for dentists and hygienists to have the tools needed to realize higher levels of effectiveness in periodontal care every day.

By taking the pledge, you will be able to provide tools to help your team enhance patients’ understanding of the urgency of their problem. One of the key issues often faced in the dental treatment room is the difficulty of providing a measure of proof that there is disease. Periodontal disease doesn’t typically have pain, or noticeable signs and symptoms. This makes it incredibly difficult to gain patient acceptance.

SoproCARE in Perio mode (left) and Daylight mode (right)

SoproCARE in Perio mode (left) and Daylight mode (right)

Patients with gingival inflammation are already in your practice. As a leader in healthcare, you have the vision to make positive changes for your patients by pledging to DETECT, DIAGNOSE, and TREAT. The ACTEON periodontal protocol is to perform a SoproCARE screening of every patient’s mouth. This is the gold standard of periodontal care.

The simple beauty of ACTEON’s “I Promise” campaign is that by using the SoproCARE camera, your hygiene team will more easily be able to detect inflammation caused by periodontal disease. The patient will be able to view powerful images that illustrate the severity of the plaque buildup and inflammation present in their own mouth. This entire movement will empower dentists and hygienists to partner together to diagnose disease and then treat it.

This system will also help us get higher payment by insurance, as we can provide the images as additional supportive documentation when submitting insurance claims. Those utilizing the new 4346 code for gingival inflammation are finding these images incredibly helpful to get reimbursement.

We have been advocates of the SoproCARE camera for several years; it is a powerful tool!

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to empower your hygiene team and your patients and pledge to DETECT, DIAGNOSE, and TREAT periodontal disease. Go to www.fightperiodontaldisease.com to “Join the Movement”.

Originally published in Sidekick Magazine.

About the Author: Wendy Briggs is a registered Dental Hygienist with more than 25 years of experience. For more than 16 years, Wendy has helped thousands of dentists take control of their practice and uncover millions of dollars of unseen/untapped revenue by serving their patients at a higher level. In addition to her managerial expertise, Wendy has one of the most highly regarded hygiene and periodontal programs in the industry. For help with implementation of the I Promise protocol, Wendy’s team is ready and willing to help. You can contact them at www.hygienediamonds.com, or by calling 877-732-2124.