El Dorado Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

El Dorado Hills, California

Dr. Jason Straw

Dr. Jason Straw had been building a second office in his head for about a year and a half, detailing all of its characteristics and equipment long before construction took place. He already owned a thriving oral and maxillofacial surgery practice in Placerville, Calif., but was anxious to grow his practice further.

“We take a lot of time to show patients the technology we use and explain its benefits. When they actually see the digital images, they understand.”

Warm colors, an inset ceiling, soft lighting, and a fireplace all help patients–especially those uneasy before surgery–to feel more at home.

When he discovered a highly visible, heavily trafficked location in El Dorado Hills in 2011, next to the Town Center—the premier destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in the city—Dr. Straw was intrigued. There were no other oral surgeons in the area at that time, so there was truly a need for his services, making it a perfect spot for his second office.

Office Sees Dramatic Growth

By September 2012, Dr. Straw was experiencing growth so strong that he needed to hire a new associate, Dr. Philip Kaiser, for his Placerville office to work several days a week, allowing Dr. Straw more time at the new location.

Today, two years after opening, he treats about 100 new patients per month at his 2,472-square foot El Dorado Hills location, which now outproduces Placerville! He attributes the rapid success of the new office to a variety of factors: location, the design and ambiance, and the installation and marketing of their cutting-edge technology.

“The location is very high exposure. There’s a popular retailer and a movie theater right next door,” he notes. “The upscale community really enjoys the feel of the place, which is more like a house than a dental office. There’s a nice buzz about it when people come in.” He maximizes his office visibility by running advertisements in the theater before and after the movies air, creating even more awareness of his state-of-the-art practice.

Marketing the Technology

Local designer Destiny Design completed the floor plan and interior design of the office. Henry Schein’s Equipment Sales Specialist Adam Jones—who had begun working with Dr. Straw when he bought his Placerville practice several years earlier—partnered with the doctor to finalize equipment selections and then collaborated with Destiny Design to ensure the technology was properly incorporated into the plan. The result: a warm, high-end office that utilized advanced equipment for superior patient care.

“We market the heck out of our new i-CAT 3D Cone Beam CT!” explains Dr. Straw. “We take a lot of time to show patients the technology we use and explain its benefits. When they actually see the digital images, they understand.”

A separate check out area helps with patient privacy.

The wall-mounted monitors in the consultation rooms allow for easy viewing of the i-CAT images.

The doctor specializes in implant dentistry, bone grafting, and corrective jaw surgery in addition to more typical oral surgery cases, so having precise digital images from the i-CAT is essential. In addition, he and his team explain how the scan provides better diagnostics at lower radiation levels, making it safer. He uses a unique illustration to make the point. “I always ask patients, ‘Would you fly to New York? Well, this is less radiation than that!”

In addition to the i-CAT, the office utilizes DEXIS sensors and is also paperless. “Our digital and chartless office is a major positive change for us,” notes Dr. Straw. “We are now much more productive, and the level of efficiency is greatly increased, bringing our business to a whole new level of success and increased potential for the future.”

The modern sterilization center is designed with a spacious L-shaped configuration to move instruments from dirty to clean in a smooth and logical progression.

The office workflow allows for maximum efficiency and patient comfort.

Soothing Color Palette Creates Welcoming Ambiance

Although oral surgery and a warm atmosphere are not often associated with each other, Dr. Straw has accomplished this by using soothing beige tones on the walls to contrast and showcase the chocolate brown cabinetry and crown moldings along the floor and ceiling. The earthy brown hues continue throughout the flooring, which is wood plank in the consult rooms and carpeting in the hallways. An eye-catching tray ceiling and granite countertops in the waiting area greet patients at check-in, and a large-screen TV entertains them while they wait.

The office features two surgical suites outfitted with equipment from Midmark, a nearby recovery room, and two consultation rooms with chairs and Helios lighting from Pelton & Crane.

“People are amazed at how nice the office looks,” comments Dr. Straw. “Many remark that it feels like a really nice house until they pass into the operatory space, which is what I aimed for when the facility was designed.”

Dr. Straw is pleased with the progress of his new office and hopes to open another location in the future and continue growing his business. He reflects on where he is now—two full years after opening the doors of his El Dorado Hills location—and acknowledges, “It was hard work, but I have a good team. We try to provide the best customer service, and we enjoy working with others who respond that same way.”

Left to right: Tony Hazen, Equipment Service Technician; Adam Jones, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Jason Straw; Frank Solomon, Field Sales Consultant; Mark Lowery, Regional Manager

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