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Eagle Falls Dentistry – Bloomingdale, Illinois | Adam Szatkowski, DDS

Eagle Falls Dentistry

Patients remark that the suburban Chicago practice, with its upscale finishes and high-end amenities, feels more like a luxurious hotel than a dental practice.

When Dr. Adam Szatkowski decided to build a second dental practice in Bloomingdale, a suburb just west of Chicago, he chose to name it after his late father, Dr. Frank Szatkowski who founded the original practice, Associated Dental Care, in 1972. Dr. Frank Szatkowski, whose practice was the first one in the city, was an avid fisherman and took his sons on regular trips to Canada, where they would often see a bald eagle circling serenely overhead. That majestic bird was a touching memory of times with their father, and the practice name was chosen as a way to pay tribute to him after he passed away from a battle with ALS.

The spectacular Eagle Falls Dentistry office totals 10,000 square feet of space, features 20 operatories, and reaches amazing heights of luxury that comfort patients and inspires the staff. It was intentionally designed to feel like a spa, with rich colors, modern materials, and elegant architecture that brings in soothing elements from nature. Everything from the rounded check-in desk that greets patients and the serene new patient room’s water wall to the massage chairs and tranquil art in the treatment rooms, creates an ambiance that is comfortable and warm, while also being upscale. It all equals an amazing experience for the patient!

Consultation Room

An indoor water wall is breathtaking but also a creative way to provide privacy to the new patient room.

Dr. Adam Szatkowski joined his father’s practice after completing dental school in 2002. A few years later, Dr. Frank Szatkowski retired, but he stayed involved with the practice as Dr. Adam took over the helm. As he grew the office, Dr. Adam developed his vision for building a second expansion office that would allow him to see more patients while utilizing the latest technology. He purchased a building close to the existing practice and reached out to Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant Keith Killips for input. Equipment Sales Specialist Mike Topf was brought in as discussions for the project intensified. The doctor considered several different companies for the build, but he ultimately selected Henry Schein to help design, outfit, and oversee the project because he trusted their ability to carry his vision to fruition.

Exterior building“The bottom line was that the doctor chose Henry Schein because he felt he could count on our team, no matter what came up,” said Mr. Topf.

Dr. Szatkowski had already done much of his own research into the types of equipment available and the pros and cons of different brands that might fit his practice’s needs. He was deeply involved in every aspect of the design and construction of the new facility.

“First, we determined the overall vision for our practice,” Dr. Szatkowski said, “and then we began drawing up plans and listing everything we knew we would need. That began a close relationship with Mike Topf and Keith Killips, and they did specs for every aspect of the build out.”


Opulent baroque wallpaper lends a formal touch to the treatment areas, which feature differing wall heights for improved privacy.

There were some infrastructure challenges to the construction, noted
Mr. Topf, which brought with it the task of converting a building with three separate office suites into a single dental practice. Removing walls to open up the space without impacting the integrity of the building’s structure was one crucial consideration. Another was working with walls that didn’t extend fully to the ceiling. The creative solution was to reinforce them with concrete and rebar so they could hold heavy equipment, such as wall-mounted X-ray units. Overall, the construction went smoothly, and the new practice opened in April 2015.

The first impression upon entering the office is striking. The lobby is plush, surrounded on all sides by high-end materials and striking design elements. A stacked stone fireplace, along with comfortable leather chairs and upholstered sofas, relaxes patients as they wait. The color palette features earth tones, from chocolate brown to creamy beige, with quartz countertops and lustrous wallpaper and carpeting, all working together harmoniously to create a pleasing environment. A floor-to-ceiling indoor water wall is soothing and functional, as well as eye-catching. Wide, stained crown molding contributes to the spa look, and even the restroom is upscale with a dramatic stone vessel sink.

Imaging area

Now the standard of care for implant dentistry, the doctor invested in a 3D cone beam imaging unit by Instrumentarium, which is in a centrally located alcove.

Moving through the carpeted hallways to the treatment area, the workflow is efficient and leads to the operatories, each equipped with top-of-the-line Pelton & Crane 3000 massage chairs. Under-floor tubing and electrical wiring maintain the clean lines of the room. The doctor chose rear delivery units, Helios 3000 overhead lights, and KaVo electric handpieces for their efficiency and high performance. He also installed dual monitors for patient education and entertainment, as well as electronic charting. The Sonos digital music system in each operatory allows patients to stream the music of their choice while being treated.

Treatment room

Sitting in the Pelton & Crane 3000 chairs with their massage feature and listening to streamed music of their choice from the Sonos sound system ensures patients are truly enveloped in luxury.

Dr. Szatkowski used a variety of hand-selected contractors for different parts of the project, but relied on Mr. Topf as his go-to person for advice and recommendations. In turn Mr. Topf handled all of the logistics, fielded questions from the contractors, and helped to address any issues as they arose, ensuring the most productive practice possible.

Technology Frees Up Staff Members, Streamlines Workflows
A key strategy in keeping the office operating at top productivity was to automate non-patient-facing workflows whenever possible. One of those areas was the sterilization room, which is the home for all of the supplies and a SciCan instrument washer—a significant investment—but one that has paid off by freeing up two staff members for patient care.

In addition to automating the practice’s workflows, Dr. Szatkowski also upgraded his digital technology. He purchased a 3Shape TRIOS® 3 scanner because it offered excellent image quality and the fastest scanning speed available. Because of Henry Schein’s attention to digital equipment interoperability, the TRIOS® 3 interfaced perfectly with the doctor’s existing Planmeca PlanMill 40. Now Dr. Szatkowski divides his restorative work among same-day dentistry using his own in-house laboratory when appropriate and sending digital scans and prescriptions electronically to an offsite lab partner, cutting the turnaround time significantly.

Sterilization room

The SciCan instrument washer has streamlined sterilization operations so much that it has freed up two staff members for patient care or other practice needs.

Dr. Szatkowski also offers implant dentistry. He purchased an Instrumentarium OP300 cone beam unit, which is located near the treatment rooms in a separate alcove.

The doctor’s keen attention to building an office that is highly efficient and leverages technology for an exceptional patient experience has been rewarding personally, and it has also proven to be profitable.

“Both our patients and the staff feel relaxed and calm. Our staff is much more efficient and they can now work smarter when caring for patients. Patients are constantly commenting to us that they feel like they are in a high-end hotel or spa. In addition, our production has increased approximately 20% month-over-month compared to the previous year.” ♦


Left to Right: Joey Hansel, Equipment Service Technician; Michael Topf, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Adam Szatkowski; Kevin Hagemann, Director of Operations; Keith Killips, Field Sales Consultant; Gene Scheffler, Equipment Service Technician; Brian Yost, Regional Manager

Originally published in Sidekick Magazine