Dudas Dental Group at Meadowbrook...A Passion for Dentistry

Left to right: DeAnna Alberto, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dan Donohue, Equipment Project Coordinator; Dr. Dudas; Tom Dietzer, Field Sales Consultant; Will Parris, Equipment Service Technician

Dr. Dudas’ strategy for his new office reveals his dedication to his profession, and his drive for excellence in patient care. The desire to offer the ultimate in healthcare services motivated Dr. Dudas to build his new business with true entrepreneurial spirit.

In order to achieve the outcome he had envisioned, Dr. Dudas redefined and energized his professional and business perspectives through working with a consultant and taking an office design course. The perfect premises for his new practice was achieved by renovating an old farm market, only a few miles from his previous practice address. Sullivan-Schein Field Sales Consultant, Tom Dietzer, had worked successfully with the Doctor on his first office—and was chosen by Dr. Dudas to help him accomplish his goals once again.

Dr. Dudas’ Equipment Specialist, DeAnna Alberto, helped guide him in selecting the equipment that best suited his specific concerns. DeAnna’s knowledge of design, equipment, and her ability to work seamlessly with the contractors was a great asset to Dr. Dudas. The project’s team also included Equipment Project Coordinator, Dan Donohue; Lead Equipment Installer, Bud Garner; and Equipment Service Technician, Will Parris.

Henry Schein assisted with office design, equipment selection, supplies/merchandise, and the latest technologies—such as the Dentrix® practice-management system, which provides seamless office integration for the busy practitioner. “I wanted to achieve practice growth, increase efficiency, and deliver a higher level of patient care in a facility that matched my competence…and my values,” comments Dr. Dudas.

“An office environment that makes patients feel comfortable…lets them know you are competent…and builds patients’ trust and confidence in the practice,” he adds.

All 7 operatories in the 3,400-sq. foot office are equipped with treatment-enhancing technologies that enable the Doctor and staff to offer the patient the best services possible. Today’s computerization capabilities allow the Doctor to more actively involve the patient in the proposed treatment plan, resulting in a more successful outcome and greater patient satisfaction.

Serene and sophisticated perfectly describes the design perspective used in Dudas Dental Group’s reception area. Its traditional colonial Williamsburg style reflects the refined architectural details and classically inspired furniture that are the hallmark of the genre. Soft, buttery-yellow wall treatment in the reception area and adjoining hallways casts a warm glow overall. Nonstop “wows!” from staff and patients are a good indicator of the new office’s general impact. “We are energized and excited to begin each day…patients say the office exudes commitment to quality customer service,” beams Dr. Dudas.

A renewed passion for dentistry has transformed Dr. Dudas’ practice into a much more effective business with its monthly revenues more than doubled. Future plans include hiring a third hygienist, an additional dental assistant, and an associate doctor to keep pace with the office’s growth.

Dr. Dudas’ advice—“Hire Kerry Strain…and hire Sullivan-Schein… pick a dental team that works with your philosophy and values…and keep your vision in front of you.”